I lay them in a mandala, the shards of glass

I pull from my back, one by one.  I let them

scar over, and I surround the mandala

in peonies, because the pain was not for nothing

and now that I can watch it from afar, my

pointer-finger-thumb camera brand new,

maybe I can capture something beautiful of it. Flash




15 years old

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  • butterflies

    i don't want to love someone

    because i'm supposed to

    you told me, one night in mid-july.

    warm air and sun fading in the sky,

    i want to fall in love with someone

  • lotus

    i've heard this story a thousand times before.

    i've seen it unfold. it started with a glance, became a smile,

    became a longing. when i realized it was my turn,

    i was too late. no one told me how hard it would be