When I opened my eyes
I saw that my body was no longer mine
but the body of a stream
I was strong
Strong enough to carve rocks
to shape stone
Yet you couldn't hold me in your hands
for I would seep through your fingers
Because water is free
Water is everywhere
Under the earth, in the air, inside humans
For I was a traveler
In the winter when my shell turned to ice
I would simply use it as a shield
To protect my depths, my heart, my fish 
No, cold couldn't hold me in one place
Underneath I was a layer of life
Forever moving, never tiring
You could anger me
And the next day I would forget
For I am a stream, always letting go
Yet I was a stream with memories
Of times before, of times yet to come
The oldest and the wisest
You could ask me questions
But you will not get answers
for it is you who must find them
I felt my eyelids get heavy
And closed them with relief
Letting myself be a stream 



13 years old

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