​Stupid Stones

    The stones on the walkway were smooth and rounded, but when I went to pick one up, it fell right out of my hand. I didn’t know they were that smooth. I tried again to pick one up, but once more, it fell to the ground. All I was doing was trying to look at the stones. So I walked away. I’m not one who has the patience to sit here and try to pick up stones that keep falling like they don’t want to be picked up. 

    After walking for a bit, I found some leaves on the ground with interesting patterns so I collected them and put them into my nature bag. While I was walking, I found some cool rocks, more leaves, moss, bark, and even some cool sticks. But after a little while, I wanted to head home to show my dad what I had gotten. I walked for a good ten minutes when I heard something strange a little to my left. I turned and there they were. They followed me. The stones.

    I don’t know why, but for some reason, the stupid stones annoyed me. After giving them a good stare, I went to pick one up. And once again, it fell. I tried to pick it up one more time and of course, it fell. But this time, it didn’t make it to the ground. It started zooming through the air. I chased after it for what felt like hours. Edventually, I got too tired to keep going, so I fell to the ground and lay there for a couple minutes when I realized something. I was lost. 

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    Canada is one of my favorite places to be. Why? Because it’s where I am from. There are not a lot of people in Canada. In fact, there are more people in the state of California than in all of Canada! 
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    Waking up


    in a rush in the morning

    because you slept through your alarm

    to realize that you don’t need to leave for school
    Jumping into cold 
  • Dreamer

    The  setting sun glistened off the ocean and the white sand. The sky clear, only birds soared above. The sky was a pink color, the day was ending. I stood up and walked down to the water's edge.