Canada is one of my favorite places to be. Why? Because it’s where I am from. There are not a lot of people in Canada. In fact, there are more people in the state of California than in all of Canada! 

From all the mountain ranges, and so many islands on the west and east to explore all around. The wildlife is another wonderful thing about Canada. So many different birds like magpies, robins, cardinals, bluejays, and crows. Black bears as well as grizzly bears can be seen too. Black tailed deer and mule deer can be seen as well. Lots of smaller animals like racoons, and the squirrels and groundhogs too.

Canada can get cold, especially if you're in the north! It can get like the Arctic in the North. Like Yukon, which is just to the east of Alaska. On the east, you can visit the biggest lakes of them all. The great lakes are a beautiful aspect of Canada. Lake Superior is quite wonderful. If you go to Thunder Bay you can see across Lake Superior like it's never ending. Just like an ocean. 

On Lake Ontario, you can visit the biggest city of them all in Canada, Toronto. The home of the Toronto Blue Jays. So many things to do in a great big city like Toronto. Visit the CN Tower and look across beautiful Lake Ontario. 

There are endless things to do in the country of Canada.


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