The  setting sun glistened off the ocean and the white sand. The sky clear, only birds soared above. The sky was a pink color, the day was ending. I stood up and walked down to the water's edge. The waves rolled out, the sand escaped beneath my feet. The smell of salt filled the air. I looked around. The beach was empty, quiet, and calm. I looked at the horizon. I saw a boat, no, maybe a ship. The sail was up, the sun setting behind the ship. As I watched the perfect scene, everything slowly faded away. A buzzing sound was in the distance. My eyes closed on the beach and opened in my dark, blank room. I rolled over and hit snooze on the alarm. I lay there staring at the ceiling. It was dark and gloomy outside, rain drizzled down the window. I realized it was all a dream. The perfect world could never exist. Only the ones in our minds.The dream realm is an amazing place. It can be filled with everything you could ever dream. Or it could be the darkest place. My dreams and I will meet again. Just not now, but in another place, another time.

Thetford Academy


YWP Instructor

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