tied to you

It's endless,

The loop of love. 

I fall into it once,

And it feels like I'll never escape. 


It's like I'm tied to myself,

Suffocating in thousands of knots,

Tied by you. 

My skin is raw, and exposed.  


Just like I was an open book, 

I used to be filled with energy. 

Now the cycle continues on,

It drags, draining every part of me. 


I feel empty,

Is love supposed to feel like this?

Silently praying in my brain

For it to never be the day when I lose you. 


But I want to lose you,

I know this deep down,

It's stuck in the bottom of my heart,

Just like I am to you. 


"Maybe it'd be better if I stay,"

I convince myself, 

Every single time, 

It's almost like I don't want to escape. 


But I want to outrun you,

I want to hide inside my shell, created by you. 

It's like I have a red string tied to my heart, 

And the destination is your love. 

Posted in response to the challenge Unstuck.



14 years old

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