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Sep 29

Practice Time

Write: Now you are going to practice both direct and indirect characterization. Use a character that you're working on, or one you're familiar with, as your starting point. You'll be writing two different paragraphs:

Paragraph #1: Write a direct characterization of your character. Pretend we don't know anything about him or her. (Direct characterization is easy when you focus on physical attributes, but be sure that you also tell us about the character's personality, too!)

Paragraph #2: Then, in a separate paragraph, write an indirect characterization of that same character. Try to keep your character consistent, and depict some of the same traits in each paragraph. (If you mentioned your character being shy in the first paragraph, your indirect characterization probably wouldn't focus on your character telling jokes to his entire class.) Use at least three methods of STEAL:
  • Speech
  • Thoughts
  • Effect on others
  • Actions
  • Looks
Submit your two paragraphs as a response to this XP.

Feedback: Respond to at least one other XP response, and let the writer know what you thought about their descriptions. Does it sound like they are describing the same character? What are the differences between the two paragraphs? Why/when might one way be more useful than another?