Sep 29
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Don't Be Late

I step off the bus, my legs stiff. I stifle a yawn. My watch is buried in the bottom of my suitcase, rendering itself useless. I have no idea of the time. I rub my eyes, forcing myself to wake up. I can sleep later. I pull out the map he gave me. It’s wrinkled, faded, and torn, making the blue ink of his pen appear to be almost glowing on the page. He’s marked an intersection on the outskirts of the city. The street names are faded, but he specifically wrote the address on the back of the map, along with a note: Meet me on Providence and Redstone @ midnight. Don’t be late. I swallow hard, then head north, towards Providence. I’m in the worst part of town. The bus driver refused to bring me past the brink of the slums, dropping me off in the business district instead. The clock tower reads 11:22. Flashlight-less, I begin my journey, jogging to ensure that I won’t be late. Most of the street lights are busted, forcing me to rely on the moonlight to get where I’m going. Nonetheless, I still run through obscure patches of darkness every so often, but it only makes me run faster. At 11:56, I arrive at Providence, breathless with excitement. I bounce on my toes, waiting for him. As the clock strikes twelve, the world goes dark. For so long. Why would he do this? I never even saw it coming.
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