Feb 08

Tidal Wave

This is the feeling
I get when everyting
falls to pieces...
a sort of great shattering
that reverberates through my body,
down my spine,
out the tips of my fingers.

You sound hurt
on the other end of the phone,
stuffed up and lost,
like no one ever
at you anymore.

It's not true... I do.

I hope you know that sometimes
I shatter too.

I don't smile,
can't seem to remember
how to breathe.

I know that's the way
you feel now:
snuffed out,
almost to close to the ground
to drop anymore.

"How do you do that,"
They ask.
"how do you shatter so much
you forget where to fall?" 

But, I don't choose which way I fall...
it just happens.