Mar 30
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The End

     The yellowed old paper, folded in many haphazard ways, fluttered down to the concrete sidewalk that ran along the side of the building. I bent down, picking it up carefully just in case it was so old it would crumble to dust at my fingertips, inspecting it closely. After coming to the conclusion that the paper was sturdy enough to open it without obliterating it, I slowly unfolded the paper. 
   Displayed on the paper was elegant cursive that flowed across the page. It read:

   Dear Sam, 
I don’t know how to tell you this in any other way than to just come forth and explain myself; this is wrong and we cannot continue on with what we have. It’s wrong and if it was exposed we would break many hearts other than ours. This hurts me just as much as I know it will kill you. Know this is no easy feat, but it’s what’s best. 
   You always told me I needed to focus more on myself, not always put others first, but I just can’t. It’s unnatural to be so selfish, to ruin others lives without a thought. 
   Our parents would be distraught as would the rest of our families and I can’t do that. 
   I know this is ill timing, however I want you to hear it from me. Andre and I are engaged and will be having the ceremony in the spring. 
   I love you more than I could ever express to you and I want you to have the best of this world you could possibly have. Please don’t let this hold you back, it would crush me to hear you didn’t fulfill your potential because of me. Please. 

Your eternal beloved, 

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