Jun 25

The Sky's Favorite Color


"If the sky were a person, their favorite color would be blue."

"Ha! No kiddin', where'd ya get that idea from?"

"Well, it's most certainly true. You couldn't couldn't come up with anything better."

"Just watch me. Okay, so, if the Earth were a person, their favorite color would be... um..."

"Muddy brown?"

"No! 'Course not, it would obviously be blue too, 'cause it's always lookin' at the sky."

"Then perhaps it would grow tired of that color?"

"Naw. I wouldn't ever get tired of lookin' at it, if I saw you." 

"But you aren't the earth, you know." 

"Yeah. Never thought it possible to be jealous of a planet. But, it'd be gross with, like, little lice bugs crawling on ya all the time. But it'd be nice to be something else." 

"I would be a bird."

"Wow, shortest sentence you've said all evening."