Feb 01
poem, rant challenge: Hot Air Balloon

There’s so much to do and so little time

There’s so much to do and so little time / I’m never going to relax / All of this will amount to nothing / By the time highschool is over I won’t even have enjoyed it / There are better writers out than me / Too much pressure / I can’t focus on anything outside of school / Crew season is coming up and I’m not prepared / The truth / My body is so weird lately / I spend too much time on my phone / speaking of which / I’m doing so much / but it still doesn’t feel like enough / My teacher will think less of me / Have my parents been lying to me? / Jesus watches over me / i only kinda sorta try / INRI / The list could go on / and on / and on . 

Jan 28

How To Be a Chef

Have you ever thought of what life means? Why we’re subjected to this earth, all of us individually unique creatures smushed together with the only purpose being known as reproduction. Biologically we recreate to keep humanity alive, but what’s the philosophy behind it? For years, psychologists have studied the human brain, sociologists study communities and countries to compare to one another, yet there’s no clear answer, no specific right or wrong. I've come to the understanding that this idea alone is life. You’re a clueless baby out of the womb, given to two humans who are tasked with not only keeping you alive but teaching you what is believed to be important knowledge. 
Jan 14
Sayornis p.'s picture

The ocean (omnipresence and its relationship with humanity)

The ocean —
vast, seemingly infinite in all directions.
Humanity makes its place within these waters;
Most of them stay here on the surface
Keep swimming, tread water,
Rarely dip their head below the surface, or reach for anything higher than the mist that settles on it.
It’s a simple life, to never be
reckless, curious. To live in the present. 
They tend to forget how big their world is, stuck in a bubble of warm waters. 
Safer, maybe; it’s hard to tell                                         
whether their actions are out of ignorance, fear, stupidity, or 
that the world will 
lead them where they’re meant to be. 
Maybe a combination. Maybe all of them. Maybe none. Maybe they’re not as different as they seem. 

There are others, though, that stare through the depths of the water and cannot help but reach, dive 
Jan 09
idbailey23's picture

Happy 18th

If 18 wasn't such a silly number,
if I had savored years before,
now that bounds have broken,
I'm left with the regret of hindsight.
No more walking through the halls.
No more soft and fumbled numbers.
I stand with two feet rigid,
as if the chair was pulled beneath me.
I trained restlessly for this moment,
happy smile, strong mind.
I didn't realize how hard the blow would come,
the knowledge of those sandcastles,
built years ago, and now melted back into sand.
My mind is hardened.
I'm not sure exactly what to feel,
if not lost, then confused,
if not broken, then disarranged.
To what end did this take me?
One that doesn't feel true, but yet,
throws me further away from safety.
Jan 05
Molly Silvia's picture

I Wish

I wish I knew the parts of me that I've yet to discover.
I wish I knew how you though of me, but I'm scared I won't like the answer.
I wish I could be more open with people.
​I wish I didn't have anxiety over nothing.
I wish I were braver than I am.
I wish I didn't wait for an opportunity to appear.
I wish I never second-guessed my happiness.

I'm lucky to have good friends.
I'm lucky to have a roof over my head.
I'm lucky to never wonder about the next paycheck.
I'm lucky to have people who accept me.
I'm lucky to be able to walk.
I'm lucky to have been born in this country.
I'm lucky to have not gotten raped or beaten or killed.
I'm lucky because I'm alive.
But I wish I were alive in a world that better protected me.
Dec 15
rant challenge: Winter
Andre Whiteberg's picture

The Best Season

When I think of winter, three things come to mind: Snow, cold, and how infinitely superior to every other season it is. In the following few paragraphs, I will be providing a comprehensive list of why winter is objectively the best season (with fall as a close second).
Dec 06


Time is something we all want more of,
something we can never get our hands on.
Time is something I want more of. 
Something I cannot grasp.
Lately time has passed by quicker,
a minute is a second,
an hour is a minute,
and a day feels more like a few hours. 
When I think back to what I did last month,
almost everything I did feels like yesterday.
When I recall memories from my childhood,
the years that have passed since then,
hit me like a punch to the gut.
It feels like only yesterday I was in 5th grade,
with little to no cares in the world.
Now I am older, 
with responsibilities and expectations to meet. 
I wish I could slow down time,
so I can enjoy every moment more. 
Time may be something I will never get enough of,
but I will always hope and wish for more. 
Dec 06
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I am a Jew

Random rant and spiraling thoughts I wrote at 1 am. 
Nov 20
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Night Owl

People always tell me

                                       Im a “Night owl”

(And I agree)

But I think it’s just because sometimes sunlight is distracting.

It bounces of my pupils, creating an ever-changing movie of emotions and shapes and colors and I can’t look away. Not now, when it burns my eyelids with outlines of slanted eyebrows and glaring eyes, pushes me into the spotlight, brightens my skeleton until everyone can see the spidering cracks and flaws. Not then, when it forces words to spill from my lips, materializing faux bandages on all my scars 
just so everyone thinks

 I’m nothing but perfect. 

It draws me away from myself, melts my melancholy thoughts and tints them with a warmth that belongs to the sun (not me) to make more material to fold around my fragile skin. Pushes everything out, out, outwards until I am empty inside.

It’s never just
 for me, though- 

Oct 26
rant challenge: School

What I did today in math class

I sit at a table with girls who I am kind of friends with, and open my textbook. The thing that is always awkward about math class is that these two girls are best friends, and as they talk on and on about Taylor Swift's new album and bicker about the littlest things, I am just sitting there trying (and failing) to get any work done. It's not their fault, honestly. I just don't have the best math class.

Finally, these two girls disappear into the hallway for whatever reason, and I am left alone to do my work in peace. Of course, it's nine in the morning and, after being rudely awakened at 5:45 to take a shower, I am so exhausted I just about can't think. I ultimately end up staring at one problem so long that my vision blurs over, the systems of equations and x/y intercepts blending together into nothingness.
Oct 25
hike.bike.read's picture

Am I in shape?

I know the right thing to think is that my body is all good the way it is, but I do not truly believe that. 

I feel as if I am in denial. I don't have an eating disorder. But in the back of my mind "But it would be so helpful if I did" I think. I know that is wrong.

As an endurance athlete, I am constantly thinking about my body. "I am in shape?" constantly runs threw my mind. I have nightmares about not being in good enough shape every night.

A few days ago I went apple picking. I was standing in a long line waiting to get a treat. This line was about 15 minutes long. I have 15 minutes to think about if I should get a icecream and a doughnut. 

Oct 21


So I'm listening to Spotify looking for new songs to add to my playlist and it's frustrating because there are so many songs that I don't like or some that are okay but aren't good enough. And I was thinking that Spotify is like a store. In a store there is so many things to pick but only a few things are actually worth buying. It's the same with Spotify because there are so many songs but a lot of them aren't worth it. I don't even know if it's like this for other people, it might just be me that's picky over songs. And then since my playlist is so small (because I can't find enough songs to fill it up with) after a while of listening to the same songs over and over I start to get tired of them. So then I have to start scouring Spotify again for music. I have been listening to this one radio of a song that I really like for like 30-60 minutes and I only found two songs.
Oct 21
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I am so happy that it’s Friday. In my head I am singing right now, 

    “It’s Friday, It’s Friday

    It’s Friday, It’s Friday

    It’s Friday, It’s Friday.

    Finally a four day weekend.

    Finally done with all my tests and quizzes and projects.”

    I hope I get a hundred on my Physics Quiz and Geometry Honors Math Test!!!!!! I hope I get at least a ninety-five or above on my Spanish Test!!!!!!

    “It’s Friday

    It’s Friday.


    It’s Friday

    It’s Friday

    It's a little Friday.”
Oct 18
rant challenge: Raining ...

It's Raining Just About Anything!

Now my first thought when it comes to it’s raining, ____and____, is it’s raining refrigerators and washing machines, this would be my term for like a, really bad storm, for a light sprinkle I would use, it’s raining gummy bears and caterpillars. For when there’s a flood I’d use, It’s raining blue whales. For that rain that you don’t want to be in for too long but it feels kinda nice to be in, it’s raining peaches and pineapples.
Oct 18
rant challenge: Contrast
Sayornis p.'s picture


The brain is finicky. Complex, volatile, constantly changing. The extent of human flaw — too easily shaped, yet when it grabs something and holds, it’s impossible to pull away. A sticky web of intertwined logic and fantasy, tinted by perspective. 

The heart beats tirelessly, oblivious, almost unfeeling. It never stops, never pauses for a breath, never sleeps. Almost machine-like, yet somehow it is wise to its world in a way the brain could never be. 

The brain is aware of the possibility of its demise. It struggles against its web, trying to find a way to disconnect from the very things that make it tangible. Instead, it only gets more caught up in the jumble of perceived notions. 

The heart knows nothing, as it seems, and still it beats on; or does it? Is it maybe that the heart knows more than the brain ever will purely because it does not wonder? 
Oct 18
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I am sitting in bed right now at 11:58 (11:58 is a nice time for the dramatization of me staying up late.). I am stressed about finishing all my homework. I am sitting here writing this because it is an assignment for honors English 9 (That was due a few days ago). But, I figured this would be a little therapeutic and maybe help me calm down. My heart is kind of racing right now, I’ve had coffee so I can stay up this late to finish my work. (coffee makes me a little jittery). Just started thinking about how annoying school is in the way that they are RUINING my sleep schedule with all the homework they give us. What’s it all for? But honestly, I get it. Right now I am learning time management with all the stuff I need to do. It’s my own fault that I left stuff for the last minute. My mother is my English teacher this year, kinda weird but pretty fun. I am annoyed because now it’s hard to turn stuff in late at night.
Oct 10


You ask me 

"where has our sweet little girl gone? why are you so tired and vile? why must you be different?"

I will tell you where she went

She went to camp

with all the other kids her age

They were all given they're traits and talents

she was cursed with the blessing of confidence

she was not afraid to be loud and different

until she learned the hard way what happens

when you are different 

and "uncool"

so the council chipped away at her soul


by piece

by chunk

by chunk

until she had worn so many masks she couldn't tell what was real anymore 

until she accepted her fate 

and she died.

long ago.

and I was born.

do not ask where your little girl has gone

i did not murder her

i did not take her
Oct 04


Wow Im bored, I think thats why im searching for something to write about. Yawn im kind of tired and hungry, daaaad is dinner almost ready. I wonder if its going to rain again, wow i have a very random train of thought. Oh My chromebook is gonna die i need a charger. Oh dang it we have long math tomorow NOOOOOOOOO. I think im gonna draw, but then I have to think of something to draw and i have to stand up and get the supplys but im comfy. I keep on getting the same spotify ad, its getting really old. Ooooh my dog is here YAY, oh wow she is soft, why is my dog sniffing my rug, odd, i wonder if i dropped a chip or something. She is eating a peice of tofu, she is so cute. I cant even stand how cute she is, i want to give her a huuuug.
Oct 02

It was just a joke, lol

I love how you hide behind that screen.

Don't play dumb.

I know it's you.

Am I interrupting your salon session with your new sell-out besties?

I hope it rains and you screw those stilettos up.

You mock me because I'm different, cause I'm not rich and spoiled.

Because I like old indie music and not just the t-shirts...

GOD, you make me SO angry.

I could just scream

Oct 02

well now you’re starving

get up.

your stomach is so loud everyone is looking at you.

get. up.

nothing will happen if a crumb touches your mouth before noon.



or I will make you get up.