Oct 10
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The Time is Now

Oct 09

My Song

Don't you dare try to tell me
"It's all my fault," to get my sympathy.
Don't you dare turn around and tell everyone "she's just crazy"
That "she broke me"
Like you did nothing 
Nothing to me.
You threw me in the dirt. 
Stabbed me in the back while you promised you'd watch it.
You stepped on me, threw me, kicked me, left me to die when you were done.
You did your best to cover your tracks:
Deleted the texts,
Splattered my name over everything wrong you did,
Twisted the tale.
You were the victim and I was the aggressor.
I did everything.
It's time to sing my truth in the only way I can.
I can tell you everyone who warned me.
I can tell you everyone's name you ruined.
I can tell the world.
But I won't.
I will tell the tale once.
I won't say your name, I'll never say it again. 
I can say that you took my voice from me.
I can say you hit me more than once.
Oct 03

get me this frick'n dog!

I would like a dog.
it's really a simple request 
just a husky puppy
no more than one.
all you have to do is buy the dog.
I'll buy the food
the leash 
the care for when we travel 
I'll take the time
I'll brush it
I'll pet it
I'll walk it
I'll love it. 
just get me this frick'n dog.
that's all I want 
I'll raise it
train it
feed it 
play with it 
I'll be it's dog parent
so when you buy this dog 
you've found away to buy my happiness. 
that's pretty special if you ask me.
so buy me this frick'n dog!
Sep 23

A Long Step

 If I am going to be honest, I do not like the person I am. I really never have and I don't know if I ever will. But, I like myself a lot more than I used to. And why is that? Well, I've been caring a lot more about myself. I would say that the steps began early this year. January 1st I woke up and decided to become a vegetarian. I'm a devoted ecologist and I felt bad that I was sacrificing a life just so I could eat lunch. Granted, I might sound like a hypocrite because I eat eggs. Well, I am working on so I just eat plant-based things. 
Sep 17

light and shadows in the woods

dappled against trees, grey and brown, the shades of red, yellow, white embedded under the skin. where the sunlight touches, the bark glows golden. yellows and beiges, yet the grey is still there. dappled against skin, low to the ground, in picture perfect detail. the leaves and stems shooting up cast their empty bodies into the light, a reflection of their small souls. it turns the skin dark while, once again, light shines golden and fresh is spots. a single ant is displayed as well, crawling on the green fountains of life. as the sun sets, the feflections grow darker, lower and slowly, fully absorb the ground, the trees, the stone, and eventually, even the sky, turning it to navy blue. as we, the walkers, move, our empty reflections follow, blocking the sun from the ground. they say without them we are monsters, non living, unliving. as night grows closer, the golden hue of sun's last efforts is cast upon the world. the reflections stand in it's way, immortally proud.
Sep 12

An Assortment of My Thoughts

Thursday, Sept. 12th
12:12 PM
Sep 03
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Dad's shoes

I would LOVE to walk in my father's shoes for a little while, and hopefully, have him walk with mine. We've never quite seen eye to eye unless we're chatting about history and antique cars. All my life I've felt this barrier between us that only grew as I got older, but when I came out as trans it started to feel like an impenetrable, million-mile-thick, steel wall between us. I know he doesn't really what it means to me or what I feel on a daily basis, but I wish I could at least talk to him about it. I don't understand where his acceptance begins and ends anymore; when I thought I was gay he was 100% okay with it, but once I realized I'm trans (and gay haha younger me, you're extremely confused) it all seemingly went out the window. He's always let me wear whatever I wanted because my body shape is kinda weird for my assigned gender so clothes didn't even fit when he tried to stick with gendered clothes shopping. Pronouns and names, however, are a complete no-go with him.
Sep 03
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When I Grow Up

"You don't understand how much I cant wait to move out of this house. I can't wait to buy my own apartment, maybe in the city, and be able to do whatever I want to whenever I want to. Maybe i'll even ask you to move in with me, if you want to. Then i'll be bale to fall asleep in your arms every night, and wake up next to you every morning. I can't wait to wake up at 3 in the morning and not miss you because you wont be across town in a different house, sleeping in a different bed than me, I wont have to miss you because then I will be able to roll over and iss you on the forehead and fall back to sleep wondering how I got so damn lucky.I can't wait to be able to wake up early and make you breakfast and spoil you on your birthday and on christmas and go on dates with you. I can't wait to have my own life. And I cant wait to have that life with you<3"
Aug 22

Heart of a Dolphin

The heart of a dolphin is different than ours. In our heart, we have our kindness, our love, our feelings. But not everyone understands our hearts. The heart of a dolphin is different. They have their kindness, their love, their feelings. We all need to learn to accept it. We need to accept the hearts of all living things. Every single human being on the planet has a different heart. We all have our own versions of thoughts and feelings. Think of everybody as dolphins. We are all unique dolphins with different hearts, different thoughts, different feelings, and different beliefs. We need to take pride in accepting others. It is my pride, and should be everyone’s.
Aug 12
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Dear youth

You could get by just being there. But you miss opportunities,friendships.
    This experience is up to you. Exist or live?
Aug 05
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When they fight, I worry. I worry that he’s gonna come find her, and hurt her. My mind races of all the possibilities of ways he’s going to hurt her. He takes after his father. His obsession with guns and weapons terrifies me. The way he’s so controlling of her disgusts me. She pretends she’s fine... but I know how unhealthy their relationship is. He holds her back from what she loves the most. The way he always has to know where she is, worry’s me. I wish HE weren’t here... then I wouldn’t worry as much. I’m scared. 
Jul 28


What do you see when you look at me?
The blue eyes and purple hair?
The doc martens and jean jacket?

Or the curves, chest, and voice?

I am immediately branded, GIRL.
First and foremost defined by a gender,

A gender that I don’t want.

Gender is a social construct.
Many are comfortable with this construct.
Many are able to discover themselves within a category.
It can provide happiness and understanding.

Gender is a social construct.
Many are uncomfortable with this construct.
Many cannot find themselves in the system.
It can provide unhappiness and constriction.

Being autistic, social constructs aren’t exactly “my thing”.

I don’t want to be a girl.
I don’t want to be a boy.
I don’t want to be in between.

I do not find myself in this system,
It provides nothing for me.

Want to know who I am?
Jul 28
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Here’s to “Girls”

Here’s to the “girls” who want to have kids. The “girls” who want to buy their own first car with their own money, before they have a license. Here’s to the “girls” who want to buy a house when they don’t have a job yet. The “girls” who want to pay for their own groceries. Here’s to the “girls” who dream of what the future holds for them every time they close their eyes. The “girls” who want to be able to afford nice things. Here’s to the “girls” who get excited about life.

Here’s to the YOUNG WOMEN that try every day and never give up. I believe in you.
Jul 28

(Not) okay

I’m not okay 

It’s okay that I’m not who I used to be

It’s not okay that u are trying to get me to fake being okay

I wish I was okay, but I’m not

It’s not okay that u make me feel not okay

It’s okay that I can’t smile all of the time

It’s not okay that u think that everything and everyone’s supposed to be okay

It’s okay that I’m not okay

Jul 26

take a step back


What will your legacy be,
when you're six feet deep and
gone who will keep you in their
memories, will the world mourn you
or will you pass away silently,
leaving nothing that says you were here,
nothing that says remember me.

Ask me what my legacy will be
as if I haven't already thought about it a thousand times
staying up late at night, writing out my rhymes,
trying to write out one that will go down in history because

when i grow up, when i grow up, daddy,

i want the world to see me,
remember me.

told since i was eight years old
that they knew someday i would change the world,

such a bright young thing, isn't she?

they tell me i will climb, they tell me i'll be powerful,
and then when i dream, tell me i'm too young to be thinking of
such things, and now my biggest fear
Jul 23

Publishing Help?

Hi everyone! 
So for some reason I thought there was a “post” category but I guess not... so rant/rave was the second best choice. 
This year I have been working on writing a book and recently I have finished editing my manuscript! I don’t have many writing contacts and I’m just wondering if anyone out there could help me with the next steps. I’m hoping to get my book published, but I don’t know where to go from here. 
If you have any advice or help for me I’d really appreciate it if you messaged me! 
Thank you so much !!
Jul 22
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A crush

Because of situations and the people you meet you get close to someone who you never thought you would. Then you second guess your friend ship and think do I like this person? Your Body is telling you and making you think something that you aren’t even sure about. Then when you think you know you really do something goes wrong, these are experiences that mold your future. Even if it means the cute guy who sits next to you says no.  There is always a mr. Right out there, it just takes time for him to find you.

signing off
Jul 18

a shame

change ?

oh lord, where do i even begin?

our prison systems, designed to keep prisoners in and locked away, made for-profit
the school systems, ones that cause undue anxiety and stress on students
our environment, how badly we've treated it and destroyed countless species and lives
the corruption in the law system, a bias towards women when children are the main concern

there's a lot wrong here.

i'd ;

reform the prisons, make them public and not privatized - no one should be able to profit off of another human being
restructure the schools, give students a choice in what they want to learn - i'll be damned if i use the pythagorean theorem every day
ensure the safety of endangered species, putting a stop to companies abusing it - why would we kill the only planet we have to live on?
Jul 09

Point of View

I'm pretty sure by now, many people know where I stand politically;
Yes, I am a proud, Trump-supporting conservative. No regrets whatsoever for that choice!
I have a problem with the disrespect our President seems to be getting from the MSM, celebrities, and even citizens.
Did the Republicans ever create a helium balloon of Barack Obama in a diaper? I don't recall.
Did the Republicans ever talk endless trash about Obama and about the secrets he was keeping on MSM? Again, I don't remember.
You see where I'm going?
There is no point in constantly hating on President Trump, regardless of how you feel about him. You all say you want peace and love, but you're the same people who spread hate and discontent because of your hatred for the President. It makes you look foolish and hypocritical. 
Jul 06
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We are surrounded by lies every day.
We are surrounded by people who lie.
We have been for a long time.

Be careful whom you trust.
Not everyone is who they seem.