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Feb 22
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Hey guys, gals, and non-binary pals! I have a question for you all---- 
What's your opinion on LGBT+? 
Let me know in the comments :)
Feb 20
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Mr. Trump

Mr. Grinch you're a solid color you are like nobody other
Oops I mean Trump while those both relate
I think when you were running your stress levels were gunning 
So you went and ate
What’s your wife’s name whatever your 24 years apart 
You could be her father would that thought make you dart
Melania and Ivanka are 1 preteen apart 
11 years precisely 
Wow your in age gap heaven 
Even if we met I might treat you nicely 
Feb 16

Running A Maze

thump, thump, thump
the identity of one
who never gets to scream

thump, thump, thump 
the stolen books beneath a seam

thump, thump, thump 
the carved out rind on a empty platter
thump, thump, thump 
the silence of your broken splatter 

thump, thump, thump
some written verse never sung

thump, thump, thump 
one old lost tale, never spun 

thump, thump, thump 
to the ones who never
Feb 15
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It was the hardest day of my life, my boyfriend had used the oldest trick in the book to break up with me. On February 14th(I know Valentines Day) my boyfriend used the phrase “it's not you, it me”. Like who does that these days! Not only was that terrible, he did on Valentine's Day, the day of love and joy. Here I thought one day we would drive into the sunset and live happily ever after, there goes my dream.
Feb 15

Dear Mr president

Feb 15
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VT writes

Feb 15

Letter to the prez

Feb 15
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Social Media

If all social media shut down I think it that would be a catastrophe. 
Feb 15
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Social Media

If all social media shut down I think it that would be a catastrophe. 
Feb 15
rant/rave 1 comment challenge: Say
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Where Did You Go?

Hey. We haven’t talked in a long time. I had so much fun when we talked. Remember when we met in art class? You said you liked my hair and I said I liked yours too. Yours was long and blue at the time. Remember when you used to longboard around the cafeteria? I thought you were so cute. I used to see you walking through the halls and around town. You were older than me, so I didn’t think we’d really be friends, but you used to wave at me, and it made me think that maybe you liked me too.
Feb 15
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Dear mr. President

Dear president I would like if you could change a lot of the things you had done in the time that you where the president like when you would not allow transgender people in the military which there was no point of doing because what difference would it make.
Feb 15
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I am the one

I am the one who 
Who stands up for what’s right 
Who thinks what is different 
Is what makes us individuals 
Who thinks that all strong and powerful 
Women have a voice and need to use it 
Who thinks that what makes you divided 
Will one day make us come together 
Who thinks that the amount of female role models
Is way to low 
Who thinks that body image does not define who you are 
Who thinks that feminism 
Feb 15
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Social media

Social media has taken are world over. Everything Is based around it. It was meant to communicate and share but now it's pretty much all we do. It was made for a good intention but many bad things have happened from it. Thousands of deaths have happened from cyber bullying and it mostly thanks to social media. If we never had it or end are use of it, it could really help us. You really only need call and text to talk to loved ones and friends and maybe in case of an emergency.
Feb 15
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Feb 15

To The Prez....

Feb 13

Messed Up

Maybe this was how it was always supposed to be.
This was his way of proving me wrong...
This was his wake-up call.
You find beautiful people everywhere you go,
and maybe you don´t lose them when you go.
If I´m lucky, maybe we´re old enough that it won´t be like that anymore. 
Maybe our souls and minds have matured just enough that my heart won´t get what I expect is coming.

7 months ago was the biggest and brightest storm...

Feb 07

just my personal opinion . . .

This is HUGE!
You were ELECTED!
The electoral college picked YOU!

This doesn't seem right.
So the people
didn't even choose you?
the carrot-like
"bigly" famous
This is not okay!
I wonder if you actually know
how many women
were ruined,
torn apart,
by your one comment.
Or how many ethnicities
Feb 07
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What She Says

What she says hurts me, but I smile anyway.  What she says makes me feel unsupported.  What she says is "No, he probably doesn't like you."  But when this type of situation comes up for her, I am supportive in every way.  She is oblivious to the fact that what she says hurts me a bit.  What she says lingers in the air and the words don't go away.  They stay forever, popping into my thoughts at random moments.  What she says hurts me, but I smile anyway.
Feb 06
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Dear Ex-Best Friend

                    Dear Ex-Best Friend,