Jan 12
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Social standards

Hello Reader

    I have a few questions to ask. I know you might not be able to answer them but give them thought to your own life. 
Jan 12

Dear Fellow Self-Obsessed, Loose Lipped Teenagers...

Dear Fellow Self-Obsessed, Loose Lipped Teenagers,

          I would like to start off by saying, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT! I didn’t ask you for fashion advice, so don’t bash my clothes. I didn’t ask you if I was right, so don’t tell me what I did wrong. I definitely didn’t ask for your judgemental eyes to watch me and your loose lips to gossip about me. Halls have ears. Hundreds of ears. They also have gaping mouths with literally no filter. Keep that in mind the next time you talk trash.
Jan 06


Teeth grinding,
finger twitching,
knee bouncing,
lip biting,
heart rattling 





my lips;
a gory prison
for the words that
shred skin
in an effort
to break free

I hold
them back


They slither 
grabbing hold of my heart
still I won't let go

I shift

They never stop
even in my dreams

Dec 21
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The Three Words

So hard to breath
when they just won’t come out.
But the more it hurts
the more it needs to be said
The words that nobody wants to hear
But at the same time, dying for them to come out.
They mean so so much 
It could knock somebody right off their feet
It could sound so sweet 
Or maybe it’s the opposite?
“I love you”
Could be the beginning or the end of a relationship 
But when the person can’t be read like a book
All you can do is read between the lines
But when you miss the key hints
that they don’t really like you it’s hard to see.
That this love
Isn’t real or in fact was never truly there
and will never be there



Dec 15
rant challenge: Already Here

we are out of time

i am done with this
i am done with screaming
and having no one hear me.

we are running out of time,
if not out of time already.

what do i need to say
to make you understand
that our planet is dying 
and we are doing nothing about it?
what do i need to say
to make you understand
that the clock is running out
and we aren't trying to create more time?
what do i need to say
to make you fucking understand?

i am just a kid
i can only do so much
and i'm doing what i can
but i can only hold so much of the burden that the world now shares
because it's everyone's fault
and don't you dare deny it. 
you have the power
you have the right
you represent thousands of kids across the US like me
who want change to happen
who are using every last drop of artistic talent to get our points across
but our pleas fall on deaf ears.
Dec 05

to ruin you

you watch me bathe in my own shameless self destruction, wilted guilt and tiresome apologies. 
“if only the blade you pierced me with would have been sharper” i say. “then i could be dead.” 
i choke out my mascara-run tears, and pout my lips. i tug on the hem of your dress and tell you how you ruined my life. 
you decide you don’t want children because of my endless temper tantrums. 

when in fact,
it was my brittle ego that fucked us up. my dramatic declarations.
my pity-seeking soliloquies that i preach to you. 

i wish i could take it all back. 

Dec 04
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Weekend News

As children, we are thought to bear pain.

Nov 21

More Rating

So I found out that my parents are getting divorced, and I just recently found out why. It turns out that my father has cheated five times. Keep in mind all of the girls are twenty years younger than him so obviously I'm not happy. Plus my dog got paralyzed, and we didn't have enough money to fix his legs, so we sadly had to put him down. I've also been diagnosed with anxiety, and depression. I have a therapist, and at the end of the month I'm going to the doctor again to see if I need medication. I have also come out as lesbian, and use she/they pronouns. I'm very thankful that my family is supportive of me, but it was extremely hard on me when I came out to my best friend, (who I met in kindergarten) and she called me disgusting for it. I luckily got her out of my life. Also I was scrolling through my posts, and I never realized how cringy my stuff was. I apologize for that!
Nov 06


In my shoes for a second.

2 ½ years ago

Picture waking up with your body sore and tingling, it’s still doing that as you climb in the car and head to the hospital. When you go into the waiting room, you notice everyone around you is not okay in some way. The room is pale, everything, everyone is pale. A pale doctor walks in, speaks in a colorless voice to your mother. He leads you down a hallway. Pale, of course. 

You just want to sleep.

There are voices and sparks swirling around you, everything is a haze until the doctor taps your knee and you open your eyes to blurry forms. He’s asking you questions, your mother looks pensive and scared as you just shrug out all your answers. Your brain can’t process his words. Finally, a question you can answer.

--what doesn’t feel good?--

Your brain slowly clicks words into their places of meaning. It takes a long time.
Oct 31
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What's The Point?

I have no idea how my feeling could grow so strong and so quick
For someone who has no intent of loving me back.
Some might say its only a crush that will fade with time,
To which I agree completely but I’m not heartless enough to not say… I wish you accepted me for all I am
Not as a friend but more. Whatever that might be
It might end in heartbreak
I might shatter into pieces but how will I know it's not real,
Unless I jump
And see what’s out there for me
We all have so many mistakes we can make in life
Saying the wrong thing or not saying enough
Not asking the girl to prom or not standing out
But how do we know if its the right choice without speaking the first word
I may not have the confidence to speak today but tomorrow is a new day
And courage grows with time not with failure


Lilly Noreault
Oct 26
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To do:

7:30 am- Wake up
8:30 am- School
2:40 pm- Work
10:30 pm- Home
  1. Laundry (if its open)
  2. Food (if its uneaten)
  3. Shower (not too long)
  4. Homework (if your wifi isn't down) 
  5. Chores (Sweep, Dishes, Bathroom, Trash)
~1:00 am- Sleep.

*Approximately 6.5 hrs of sleep*

Appetite malfunction
Stress hives

People at home doing no chores. 
People at home are getting mad.
Work is busy.
Self hatred.

I can finish that damn checklist. 




Oct 04

i know

that people dont like me
people talk behind my back
whispers follow me
down crowded hallways
and i keep my head high
pretend i dont notice
pretend it doesnt bother me
put on a mask
play dumb and
act along
i pretend to be
academically smart though
i struggle to keep up.
i pretend to be
socially dumb though
i know more than people think
because i listen
i watch
i look for the hidden cracks
i can crawl into
and vanish
no one notices im gone.
from my little peephole
i watch and
see emotions and
lost stares. 
i listen and 
hear near-silent whispers and
soft confessions and
i wait and
hold my breath
moment frozen in time
let it go
world resumes
keep walking
head up
but dont forget
words clipped with steel
Oct 02


can you just TELL me if you- 
wait, what?
Y-you really do like me?
i- you-
thank you.
thank you.

i'm sorry too.

but i love you.
Oct 01



all i want to know 

Sep 24

my people

why aren't you talking to me?!
i could scream 
i just miss you

i do want you in my life!
i love you
i just 
hold all this up on my own.
if you don't want to help me carry this,
then just tell me!
maybe then I won't
be talking to 
the wall.
see you later then
why do i even care?
you guys left me homeless 
you guys left me 
without my people
do i have to remake every friend i've made?
but i still love you,
that's why i'm
still trying right now!
stop pretending you still like me
if you don't!
all you're doing is rubbing salt in the wound 
more like
bleeding heart flowers.

Sep 23
poem, rant challenge: Six Words


six words 
is really 
not enough 

Sep 21

Rejection is Better Than Silence

I'm not even going to pretend--I know it's difficult, not knowing me, barely aware that there could be a face behind the words you've read online, the pain and ecstasy and everything in-between. I suppose I've written in first-person so often, it's numbed you all to the fact that I'm not writing about someone else--it's me. God, of course, it is. I can't be anyone else--I could never write or laugh or smile or cry or scream like someone else. I could never, ever be someone else, even if I cut myself open and pried my flesh apart, picked my brain from my skull and switched it out, scratched and tore at my face until it wasn't mine, couldn't be mine. Bled through my flesh, rebirthed from the blood on my skin--someone new, someone better, someone who got everyone and everything she liked. So, today, right now, whoever comes across this gets to see exactly what I write--and know who it is on the other side. 
Sep 13
rant challenge: Folklore
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The Truth About Hawaii

Did you know that the reason Hawaii is part of the US is because the President of the United States married the queen of  Hawaii? Well, that's not true. When I was younger, my brothers would always mess with me. "If you come into  my room one more time without knocking, I'll tell Spider-man to take away your toilet paper privileges,"  "If you don't massage my back then I'll tell Mom to leave you at home with Grandma while the rest of us are on vacation," "Voldemort was real and the government tried to cover it up." Things like that. And as a gullible 6 year old, I believed all of them. On our way to Hawaii, I was talking with them and I asked them how it was part of our country if it wasn't connected on the map. And you can guess what they told me. I don't think they thought I believed them, but when we got to the hotel, I became friends with another kid in the lobby. I told her "the truth" and she, also being gullible, believed me.
Aug 19

Brace Face

I got braces a few weeks ago.
It's a BIG change.
I can no longer bite into a burger or hot dog.
I cant chew things with my front teeth.
I have to take an extra fifteen minutes to brush and floss.
I'm not embarrassed because nearly every kid in my grade has them.
When I'm eating food in a restaurant I catch people staring at me.
I see little kids giving my braces big bug eyes. 
It's not a good feeling.......
My teeth HURT and yet I know its because they are working.
It's kind of scary to think that just a few weeks ago, the first day of the next 2 years of my life, happened.

Aug 10

Nothing serious just writing my feelings down

My dad moved out and well I'm pretty sure he's not moving back in and at this point I want my parents to get divorced I don't even care anymore, I'm FINALLY getting rid of my toxic friends which feels awesome, Finding more out about myself every now and then, Im tired of everything, I found a few true friends, middle school sucks, brother is going to college, I'm not really happy but I can't tell my mom because she already has a lot going on and I don't want to add to that besides I'm not really open with my feelings so this is hard for me, I tried asking for a therapist but all I did was cry and I couldn't get a word out, found out I'm pansexual so.., I had a panic attack in the middle of a store cuz of my social anxiety, got anime merch :), I hate everything except my friends, sleep, anime, and food. I wanna do volleyball but people are pressuring me to do track because of my "long legs".