Oct 10
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The Time is Now

A Helpless crush

A hopeless crush
One that no one can choose
from one stupid glance to that awful amazing smile
No matter what age 
from 5 or 80 
you can't help falling
for everything good
and denying the bad
we love them for all they do
to there walk, laugh, to even the way they act
They may do anything wrong
you don't care 
you enjoy them no matter what
even if they were to never love you back
You won't let that stop you ever
even if they hurt you in every way possible
even if they never noticed you 
that's just how a hopeless crush goes

Mar 27


Trying to write cause I'm feeling blue
I wanna write something that's happy and true
but the only thing that comes is sadness
and I wanna bring people gladness
Why can't I feel happy right now?
All I want to be is happy right now
Can I at least fake it?
I know I can fake it
but right now it's just not working
cause under the surface sadness is lurking
I wanna make people smile not cry
and I don't wanna feel like I'm gonna die
I just wanna write something happy
lighthearted and a little bit sappy
but all can produce is gloom and sorrow
maybe I can try again tomorrow
Because I don't wanna drag you down with me
and I definitely don't want you to see what I see
I wanna make everyone happy
though I am not happy
I don't know if that'll help anything at all
but really don't wanna see other people fall
down down down to the depths of sadness
Mar 26
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Virus at home blog

Welcome to the Virus Blog! 

I have been in my house and have not left for 12 days. Yep any body else have 10 packs of broccoli in there house. All I want to do is go to the mall or ya know what THE LIBRARY. But nope that's closed too. I have almost finished ALL of greys anatomy. I have also made Angels food cake and drank 8 root beers In one week. I'm going crazy in my house I hope your doing better than me see ya later 
This is going to be a long year

Mar 26

Swallow Me

i’ve lied on floors before,

unabashed and wailing

contemplating my death days 

before the sun could even rise 

and i’ve writhed in agony 

in the arms of my looping carpet.

but never before have i hated each atom, each molecule of wretched air twisted in putrid and vile weaving ribbons like i do now,

lying on an acrylic floor 

hating myself and hating everything. 

i have never before despised the birdsong playing around me in a lovely melody so sickening it makes me wish the floor would melt around me and swallow me up. 

swallow me. 

swallow me. 

swallow me. 

finish what you’ve started. infect me with your decrepit dreams of isolation and damn those who dare to laugh at you as if it is we who are lucky when they can try it again next year,

and i was numb and i was broken and i am angry. 
Mar 20
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      There are two things I would invent if I could. First, as cheesy as it sounds, a time machine. I would not use this to go back in time and change things. I would use it to go back for shorts amounts of times to get different experiences in particular situations in the past. I think it would be so cool to go back to the ’80s just for the experience. Not only for fun but also for learning. I think it is good for everyone to have experienced different parts of the world and in different situations. I would go back to WWII and the great depression (as terrible as they both were) so I could experience the hard times, even just for a few days, and learn from it. I would have a different perspective on the world after having that experience. 
Mar 19

what it feels like.

As a member of the lgbtq+ community who has not really come out to my parents, I tend to get a little ticked off. A lot. At myself, at my siblings and yes at my parents, when they use the wrong pronoun, or talk about me having a relationship with an assumed idea of my sexual orientation, based off of the faulty assumption of my gender. And I realize, I am causing my own suffering here. I know that my parents will be fine with who I am. If i just pulled myself together and stopped being afraid of practically nothing. But there is a part of me that is absolutely terrified to say anything at all. I have learned my entire life, to try to avoid awkward situations, but now I'm realizing just how messed up that thought process actually is. You have to be awkward and real and messy in life, to learn how to not be, but still communicate. It doesn't lower my fears to know this, but it does build up my bravery and determination to say something. 
Mar 19
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Be Gone Sun!

Alright. If you have ever been in a car before, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Have you ever been driving along on a beautifully sunny day, when suddenly, the sun comes out from behind the trees and is right in your eyes! You are temporarily blinded by the bright light and have to feel around the roof of the car for your mirror/ sun blocker so you can block out the overwhelming glare of the sun. This works for a while but when your car changes direction, you have to repeat that same process all over again.
Mar 18

Random Thoughts Pt. 2

March 18, 2020 (Again on the same day sorry)

This entry is a little wack, so please don't make fun of me for it. It's just a weird little thought that nags me whenever I come to the topic. It's about money. Why is it here? I mean, I get economics and stuff, but why can't we just do the everything-is-free kind of thing, but you can only take a certain amount of the thing. Each house would be nice, and the people who did all the work would get nicer stuff because they're helping the community! That way, everything is fair and no one has to worry about homelessness, losing money, betting... that kind of stuff. I feel like this thought puts up an argument whenever I try to shove it out of my head. And now that I think about it (Wait... wasn't I thinking about it already?) it seems to make a little sense.
Mar 18

Random Thoughts Pt. 1

Mar 13

We Live In

We live in a society where people would rather suffer through life-threatening injuries than go to the emergency room because they would not be able to afford the cost of care.
We live in a country where the rich are more valued than the common people.
We live in a time where nothing is more important than money.
We live in a system where if you don't consume you are worthless.
We live in an economy where small businesses and family-owned establishments are repeatedly squashed under big cooperation's heels.
We live under a government that are puppets for larger chains and more profitable names.
The way we live now is that only the very fortunate get health care that can actually support them and their families. The things that some people believe are from propaganda in order to keep health care out of our reach.
Mar 10
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Word Idea

Love your idea! Here are some of mine! 

- to take your time

- to have negative views 

E X T E N T U O S I T I S A T I O N A B L E 
- ?

Mar 09

a stigma

they've got to be strong all the time.
can't show weakness.
crying is girly. crying is weak.
they can't do that.

and that's just downright terrible.

i met a guy today.
i'd seen him around school.
he always seemed happy.
but something changed in him. something changed with him.

he wasn't so happy anymore.
i'm not even that good at telling how people feel.
but he, but this young man,
i just knew there was something wrong.

his voice barely changed. i'd hardly heard him speak before.
but his words, oh, his words
they hurt me too
as they hurt him.

it sounded as if
he'd never said those words before,
to anyone else but himself.
choked with tears and pain

and he said them to me.
i, who had never spoken with him
he said them to me.
chills run up my spine at the thought.

that no one, possibly, had asked him
Mar 07
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The Solution is Staring Us Straight in the Face

For all our talk about climate change, there's one thing we don't talk about: simply getting rid of the Carbon Dioxide that's already in the atmosphere.

We talk about reducing our carbon footprint by using less electricity or driving less or eating less beef, or byt planting trees but there is a solution to all of this staring us in the face:

We know for a fact that not all isotopes of carbon are stable. Carbon-14, the carbon used in carbon dating, decays into Nitrogen-14 and has a half life of 5720 years. Carbon-15 decays even faster, having a half life of only 2.5 seconds. And yet, nobody seems to have thought of just shooting a few neutrons at isolated Carbon Dioxide to cause it to decay and no longer be a greenhouse gas. We already have neutron emitters. We use them in fission bombs.
Mar 03
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Why did I cut my hair!?!?

I cut it to show I have no fear
To show I don't need it
I can leave without it 

I'm strong 
 am I not?
Then why did it feel weird when I cut it
like a piece of me was ripped away from my soul
it hurt
the long locks at the length of 18 inch
now a short 5 inch

it may not look like a lot but the feel 
is wrong 
from washing to drying to just the feel
i think I fell in love with my hair


Mar 01
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A Choice Up to You and Me

To push forward or stay right where I am.
Right where I am nothing is amiss but nothing will change either.
Goals are attainable but not without effort put forth to achieve them.
Time is tricky but patience plays a big role.
My story doesn't end here nor anytime soon.
I get what I settle for and I’m not quite satisfied yet with where I’m at.
The choice to get up everyday and keep going at it,
The dedication,
The effort, 
The will to keep moving is a choice up to me and applies to you as well.
So what’s it going to be today? 
Start today and you’ll be one step closer in the long run.

Feb 28


When someone asks you
How are you?
you are expected to respond
I'm good.
even if you aren't,
even if you have tears in your eyes,
even if you are on the brink of a mental breakdown,
you must give the correct response
I'm good.
Why can't we be honest with each other?
Why do we feel the need to lie
about our emotions?
Is it because we're embarrassed
to show signs of weakness?
Is it because we believe that no one
wants to hear about our problems?
We need to be more trusting,
more honest, more kind.
More sympathetic, more empathetic,
we at least need to try
to open up to others.
And on the opposite end,
let others know that you're
a person in whom they can confide.
Just learn to accept
that humans have feelings
and no one can be expected
to be cheerful all the time
and learn to respond honestly
Feb 26

Time... why are you so annoying??

Why are there so many unanswered questions? I lay in bed at night wondering about life. I always get stuck on time; why does, when your taking a test, it seem like the clock is ticking slower? But then, somewhere else in the world, someone is having the time of their lives and they think time is going waaaay fast! How does that work? And when you sleep? I feel like I'm jolted awake two seconds after my head hits the pillow, and I'm genuanly suprised to hear that it's morning. But, again, somwhere else, someone is probably sitting at some boring meeting, and the time is ticking by slowly? That is so confusing! 


I apologize, I just had to let this come out. This isn't super serious, just a little rant.
Feb 25

18 Things To Do Before You Turn 18 (Vermont Edition)

Below is a small list of things to do while you're still a 'kid'. Feel free to sprout it and add things you want in it! (All of these things are for Vermont). And yes, I have done most of these things.
Feb 25
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Treat Yourself

I am the one who works hard every day. I work hard for myself, and for opportunities I could receive in the future. I play sports, I do art, I act, I am a straight A student, and if I’m being honest… It can be hard to maintain a happy life when you get stuck in the daily grind. I want to use this piece of writing to remind myself, and anyone else for that matter, that it is alright to take a break. Life as a high schooler is incredibly stressful. From stacks of homework, too lovely high school politics (complete sarcasm by the way). Even though it is important to not let all of this rubbish get to you, it can affect your mental health. Sometimes, it is the most important thing for your sanity to take a break from it all. Take a day off from school once in a while and treat yourself. Just relax a little bit and take a load off. Because as important school is, you are way more valuable. So future self, and anyone else who is reading this and needs a healthy reminder, remember this.