Jun 23

Kind of Sick

This is a low point of sorts. Here I am, sitting on the couch in a hoodie with a blanket draped over me. I got my vaccine booster yesterday, and I feel like crap. Movement takes too much effort. I can barely keep my eyes open. My head hurts, too. Last night I thought it hurt because I landed funny doing high jump at track practice. But nope, it's just the booster. I wanted to go practice at the track some more, but there's no way that'll be happening in my current state. I completed a walk/run but all I wanted to do was turn around. I forgot that I had my chest binder on, so I had trouble breathing after I ran. I ate a complete breakfast, but I'm still hungry. I don't think anyone is going to read a whole paragraph of a kid complaining, but thank you to the moderators for letting me write all this.
Jun 16
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Why does this happen?

You gather your stuff,
You cry in your heart,
You seat yourself,
Another tick on the chart,
A whirlpool of feelings,
A tsunami of depression,
A flood of anger,
A tornado of confession,
The misery bottled up inside you, begging to bounce out, yet you refuse to convey your thronged emotions, but you subconsciously know that you are permitting your feelings to take the best of you. You don’t roister it, but you’re reluctant to let go and you wonder, why? The answer subtly approaches you as you turn to the mirror. You lack conviction, pondering in your head, ‘What if it’s true?’
May 31
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Thank you

Thank you, to the ones sacrificing their lives on the front lines. To the people working endless hours in hospitals during such wicked times. Thank you, mom and dad, for being my greatest supporters in all of my sport events. To my coaches that have taught me the importance and value of the sport that I love. Thank you to my sisters who always have my back: always in my corner when I need them. Thank you, Gram, for teaching me to take things slowly and appreciate what is in the moment. Thank you, teachers, for guiding me through school: teaching me about what happens in this great world. Thank you, mother nature, for providing clean air for me to breathe in, and endless beauty to admire. Thank you, friends, for always finding a way to make me laugh and reminding me to have fun. 

Thank you. 
May 23
rant challenge: Go
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If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I would choose the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. There seems something so calming about the dense shrubbery, along with deep lakes in the middle of gigantic mountains. Life can never actually stop, but I feel like it would slow down if I were able to be there hiking and spending time with nature. My ideal day would be spent hiking to a small cabin in the middle of the woods where there is no cell service and no electricity. I can imagine myself surrounded by all of my friends huddled around a fire while the sound of animals bustling around us and a slight drizzle of rain falls over our heads.  I don’t need anything extravagant, just a simple week in the woods where the only worry is when I’ll get to stop and eat my granola bar, and when the next watering hole is. I find peace in the colors of nature and the sound of everything and simultaneously nothing while in the woods.
Mar 29

Blue patch sky

I'm sitting at this wobbly, white, fake-wood table in the library trying to finish my homework, but my mind just isn't in it. Not only is the wobbling getting on my nerves, but when I drank some water earlier, I spilled a few drops next to my computer. Don't freak out, the computer's fine, but for some reason watching the perimeter of the little puddle of water slowly shrink as it dries is way more interesting than finishing my science.

There's a piece of fuzz in the puddle that is so tiny, but somehow makes this dramatic tent pole effect. Also, since I started writing this, the puddle has shrunk like half the size.
Mar 23
rant challenge: Eventually
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I Love You in the Present Tense

    I met him and we matched. We talked and it made sense. When we explored I felt at home. He was my home and I think I was his. We climbed trees, we sat on his roof, we wandered in his orchard, we talked about future plans. College, Baltimore, bakeries, sheep farms in Ireland. I told him what I’d never told anyone. I told him what I’d never told myself. He introduced me to ‘40s music. Fly me to the moon / Let me play among the stars / Let me see what spring is like on / A-Jupiter and Mars. Once upon a time, for a brief spring and summer, we would’ve gone to the moon together. It was us against the world. It would always be just us against the world. Fill my heart with song and let me sing forevermore. We were close and my heart sang. But then we were far, and my heart sunk. When he drifted. When he stopped responding, when he only called me when he was drunk, when he never wanted to see me in person. So, eventually the song had to end. We still match.
Mar 22

Little Bug

At this point, I don’t even know why I still care
Why do I care when you don’t even the least bit? 
Why do I still care when you don’t care about me 
Was what we had nothing?
I guess it was
It wasn’t for me though 
I ask myself 
What does she have that I don’t?
Maybe everything 
Maybe nothing 
It seems like she has everything
And I’m just the pesky fly flying around your head that won’t go away 
Yup that’s me the buzzing fly 
You don’t even swat 
Instead, I just keep flying 
Hoping you’ll notice me but you too caught up in your own stuff that I’m nothing 
Like I wasn’t ever anything 
Was that all I was? Nothing?
Was I just someone to swat at but not really care
Because nobody cares about the fly
Because you can’t catch it
Can’t catch me 
Won’t catch me 
I guess that's all I was
The tiny fly flying around your head
Mar 03
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The Power of Stupid People

To all those who suffer,

Sometimes, people can be jerks. As I mind my own buisness, there always has to be that one kid who walks up to me and insults me in hopes of getting my attention. Unfortunately for him, I don't really pay attention. But just because I dont respond, it aggrivates them, making them do it even more frequently. I have countless experiences with these kids, who just don't know when to stop. Bullying, using foul langauge, making fun of others, etc. These are all common traits in all these kids. But I also thank them for one reason. They taught me the power of stupid people, and the power of words. They taught me how to ignore, and how to stand up for myself. Its experiences like these that help you cope and adapt to the corrupt age of today. So If you even encounter idiots like I do, don't overreact, and don't freak out. Be calm, and let them dig their own grave.


Feb 15
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hey i just joined and i dont know what to write.

Hey I just joined and I dont have a clue what to write.  If you have any ideas could you tell me.  If you have anything I could draw like idea's of things to draw or somthing. I hpoe people actually see this post if not I will have no idea what to write about.  I hope nobody from my school or anybody I know see this I dont want any body to see this because I suck at writing.
Feb 11

not once in eleven months

It has come to my attention that I do not remember what it is to be happy.

What a silly, useless little excuse for a word, happy. What even is it? We all use it every day. It should be obvious, apparent. Yet, what does it really mean? Does anyone truly know what it means to be happy? I wish for it. I long for it with everything I am, and yet, can you search for, let alone possess something that fickle, that strange and unknown?

How to be happy.

That is the question. Is happiness found, or is it made? You can't buy it, sell it, switch it out, or give it away. So in my determination to make sense of something I do not think I will ever truly understand, I took my need for happiness, with how it will hopefully look for me, and condensed it into one sentence. 

I shall live exceptionally, or I shall live not at all.

In other words, there are six things I need to be happy.

I need to be learned
Feb 03

Rain in february

I'm so tired. So tired of this all. This isn't the formatt I usually write in. But I'm too tired to care. Because really, there doesn't seem to be any point to keep trying. It's raining in February right now, anything is possible. I am told over and over we aren't trying to stop you from doing anything, but oh, you really are. You just don't know how to let me go, do you? I'm not a child anymore. You told me in your mind, I am still 10. That in your mind, my little sister is still 7. 
I'm about to turn 16.
She's 12.
Jan 28

Our Sixth Sense

I think that everybody already has a sixth sense that they are born with. The sixth sense isn’t something amazing like being very strong or being able to fly. 
I think our sixth sense is our connection to the Universe and the energy around us. Though not everybody is connected to this sixth sense, it is always there with us. Our connection to the Universe and energy can come in many shapes or forms. 
Have you ever been near someone who has scraped their knee or had a bad headache? And you have felt their pain? That is one part of the sixth sense. Having the ability to absorb energy and emotions around you. Everybody can do this, but some people are more sensitive to it than others. 
Jan 24


I apoligize in advance if this rant is triggering to anyone. What I saw deeply affected me and I know it affects others. 

I just saw a picture of a public lynching. One man's face stared into the camera because he wanted them to know. He pointed towards the tree and in the picture he stares at me. He stares at me because he wants me to know. I feel like crying. I'm glad I've made him happy. I'm glad that I fulfilled his divine destiny. To make a little girl cry. That man haunts me. And I can hate him for it. That man will follow me into my nightmares. That man will follow me into my dreams. 
Jan 12
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Social standards

Hello Reader

    I have a few questions to ask. I know you might not be able to answer them but give them thought to your own life. 
Jan 12

Dear Fellow Self-Obsessed, Loose Lipped Teenagers...

Dear Fellow Self-Obsessed, Loose Lipped Teenagers,

          I would like to start off by saying, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT! I didn’t ask you for fashion advice, so don’t bash my clothes. I didn’t ask you if I was right, so don’t tell me what I did wrong. I definitely didn’t ask for your judgemental eyes to watch me and your loose lips to gossip about me. Halls have ears. Hundreds of ears. They also have gaping mouths with literally no filter. Keep that in mind the next time you talk trash.
Jan 06


Teeth grinding,
finger twitching,
knee bouncing,
lip biting,
heart rattling 





my lips;
a gory prison
for the words that
shred skin
in an effort
to break free

I hold
them back


They slither 
grabbing hold of my heart
still I won't let go

I shift

They never stop
even in my dreams

Dec 21
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The Three Words

So hard to breath
when they just won’t come out.
But the more it hurts
the more it needs to be said
The words that nobody wants to hear
But at the same time, dying for them to come out.
They mean so so much 
It could knock somebody right off their feet
It could sound so sweet 
Or maybe it’s the opposite?
“I love you”
Could be the beginning or the end of a relationship 
But when the person can’t be read like a book
All you can do is read between the lines
But when you miss the key hints
that they don’t really like you it’s hard to see.
That this love
Isn’t real or in fact was never truly there
and will never be there



Dec 15
rant challenge: Already Here

we are out of time

i am done with this
i am done with screaming
and having no one hear me.

we are running out of time,
if not out of time already.

what do i need to say
to make you understand
that our planet is dying 
and we are doing nothing about it?
what do i need to say
to make you understand
that the clock is running out
and we aren't trying to create more time?
what do i need to say
to make you fucking understand?

i am just a kid
i can only do so much
and i'm doing what i can
but i can only hold so much of the burden that the world now shares
because it's everyone's fault
and don't you dare deny it. 
you have the power
you have the right
you represent thousands of kids across the US like me
who want change to happen
who are using every last drop of artistic talent to get our points across
but our pleas fall on deaf ears.
Dec 05

to ruin you

you watch me bathe in my own shameless self destruction, wilted guilt and tiresome apologies. 
“if only the blade you pierced me with would have been sharper” i say. “then i could be dead.” 
i choke out my mascara-run tears, and pout my lips. i tug on the hem of your dress and tell you how you ruined my life. 
you decide you don’t want children because of my endless temper tantrums. 

when in fact,
it was my brittle ego that fucked us up. my dramatic declarations.
my pity-seeking soliloquies that i preach to you. 

i wish i could take it all back. 

Dec 04
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Weekend News

As children, we are thought to bear pain.