Dec 04
rant 0 comments challenge: Blue
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Blue is supposed to be a cool tone, calming to the eyes, the eclipse of calm and devastated.

Blue leaks into me, paints my life a monochrome cycle, if you could even call it a cycle. 

blue is that feeling, where you don't know whether you are going to cry for sadness or tears of joy. Blue is when you fall asleep because you are exhausted or because you are mopey. 

blue is lowercase letters.
Nov 29
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The Room Change

The bedroom, where you spend a little more than a quarter of the day. It is where you can feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable. But what if you could change it. What if you could make a five star hotel room, or a castle, or a spot in the clouds, or would you not change it at all. If I was given the chance to change my room I wouldn’t change much. Currently my room is a room with gray walls and a bed in the middle with a tv stand and a dresser. First off I would change the wall color. I would change it to a dark blue, I would do that because it is my favorite color and it would represent the ocean. The ocean is one of my favorite spots because it shows chaos and peace. The next thing I would change would be the furniture. I would sleep on a bed of clouds and have the floor feel like the beach on a sunny winter day. I would also make it so that my room would never become cold. I personally hate the winter and the cold it brings with it. The next thing is the way things are organized.
Nov 20
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Till The End

We all strive to be something or someone. We work hard and do our best to get somewhere that we might not even get to. We try to be the person our parents want us to be. Someone our friends want us be, and sometimes we can be the person we want to be. We live up to our parents expectations until are 18 and sometimes older, and if we don't then we turn to be disappointing. We should be able to live our lives the way we want to make them. Make mistakes and learn from them, and learn how to do things on our own. Children and teens today depend on their parents for everything and they just become not the nicest people (sometimes they turn to a Karan haha.) All I'm saying is its our life, our body, and our future so we should be the way that we want to be even with a guide from the parents and a little help if its needed. We should be ourselves. Till the end.
Nov 18

What About the Bible?

Your religion is not an excuse to hate other people.
Your religion is not an excuse to be homophobic.
Your religion is not an excuse to be racist.
Your religion is not an excuse to be misogynistic.
Your religion is not an excuse to be transphobic.
Your religion is not an excuse to be an u.tter twat.
You use your religion and quote single scriptures, and pick and choose specific words. I can quote them in return, ones you call outdated and ridiculous or simply ignore completely.

Love thy neighbour
1 John 4:20-21 - "If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?"
Leviticus 19:18 - "Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I [am] the LORD."

Hello Anyone?

My voice has gone clouded 
The words don't show up anymore
Power that once stood in the palm of my hand
has turned to ash
in the nick of time
I won't be around
someone will take my place
NOTHING stays Forever
so while I have some voice
some control of my path
and where I'm headed
what are you even doing?
it's like your not even trying to hide
whatd Wrong anymore
whats your problem 
come on people
we are supposed to be the future we have done barely anything to change the fate
of the direction we are heading
can we just look at the stats 
the positions 
why are fighting over the little things when are planet is heating up
animals are going towards extinction 
The sea levels are rising
and we haven't even taken one step in the right direction 
listen up people while we still have time
this is everyone's problem and it's not fake 
Nov 04

Wait, WHAT?!

What am I supposed to think?
You made a fool of me.
What am I supposed to feel?
You made the monster inside me tense its muscles for a leap,
an attack upon my mind,
and then told me it was all a joke.
I know you don't really understand, but
What am I supposed to do?
Nov 04

Make My Own Future

Warning: Cursing, politics

I laugh when I get nervous, or really scared.
Like, hard. Like, "oh, shit, I'm going into hysterics." People think I'm insane already, but that's not the point.
I passed my ex in the hallway, and she wasn't panicking. She was just sitting there, laughing with her friends. I wish I could be as cool and collected as she is, but I'm not. I'm boiling. Maybe it's that I'm out and she's not, but the pain of who I am being suppressed by someone's vote, and by an old white cheeto who has no business deciding who I can and can't love, is too much to bear. 
Nov 02

Ten percent

I am panting, 
my breath coming heavily,
weighing down my chest,
collapsing my conscience.
My heart thuds, thuds, thuds,
the rhythmic materiality,
the only thread of reality,
left in this spinning eclipse.
All conception slips away,
abstract thought left in disarray,
indistinct shapes become my visualization,
slowly clearing to become a notion.
A triangle forms into rememberance,
pounding, slamming, smashing into sense,
edges clear and sharp,
my grasp decays.
Now fast is the repetition of life,
beating to the rate of a 2020 pop song,
unobtrusive in my racing mind,
a dull hum sounds the reason
of my current existence.
I strain to see,
to hear,
that singular triangle.

My mind renders an image.

Bright in the leaden, unlit room,
my iPhone 6s shines.

The time: 5:13 AM, Nov 4.

Black, against a stark white background,
Nov 01

Listen to me

I am living in chittenden county. 
Last month I could say "I'm proud to live here, where we are handling the virus appropriately." 
And now I say, "What? What happened?" 

but I know what happened. 
It has happened before; it will happen again. 

When you put people together, the virus can spread. Measures can be taken to prevent it, but one slip up means it can spread. 
And if it can, it will. It's like a 4 year old confronted with a cookie jar. 

I know you want to be invincible. 
You want people to see that you are brave. 
But really? 
Disobeying the new social construct when it comes to COVID guidelines isn't brave. Admitting that this virus is dangerous is brave. Wearing masks in public shows you care about other people. And we need you to care. More than that, we need you to show that you care.

I'm tired of seeing the numbers rise. But they're not just numbers. They are people.
Oct 18

Wishing you well from "quarantine"

Art has been my greatest companion. Therapy helps. It does. Incredible how Ellen stays sane during these times. And incredible that she stays sane any time. Humans are amazing. My walks to the mailbox are filled with anticipation. Today the sun was hitting the golden letters on our mailbox. Warm today. Sometimes even late fall can feel so warm and comforting. On the walk back to the house I saw a raspberry branch dance. It swayed head and arms up and then went back to dormancy. I’ve started compiling these four-page booklets –– personal zines really –– a mixture of visual and literary reflection. This one’s cover is a watercolor of a fenced-in suburban backyard. Have you ever been to Marblehead, Massachusetts? It’s a beautiful place, especially in the summer. You can kind of say that about most of New England: beautiful place, especially in the summer. Sometimes when writing poetry or rants (like this one), I make grammatical errors. I don’t like to fix them though.
Oct 12
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Game On

I am judged because I am not a guy
that I stand out more if I make a mistake 
no matter what
even if I 'get good'
I am still of the opposite sex
and don't fit in the same standards
no matter if it's Minecraft to Warzone 
Females stand out as gamer girls 
and are either 'Simped' or beat down
doesnt mean you can't have a good group of gamers doesn't mean they can say things based on your gender or race. It all may be a joke but it still makes you think if it's Appropriate to say or do things that are not okay
Oct 08

How to be a little sister

This is what you say when you get asked “Are you _______’s little sister?” ; this is how you act when you get that look, the one that says I think I know your brother but i’m not sure so I won’t ask ; don’t do this when someone judges you on your sibling; this how you smile and nod; this is how you change the subject; this is how you laugh when they say Oh, yeah, I remember ______; this how you reply when they tell you to tell ______ this; this is how to make cookies for _______ because they are 4 years older than you but still don’t know how to cook; this is how to get _______ to drive you there; this is how to get _______ to drive you home; this is how to persuade _______ to pick you up here; this is how you pick the music for the car; this is how to figure out the 4 songs you can play; this is how to call ________ a dimwit; this is what you say when _______ wants to watch Star Wars Again; this how to still like a movie even if _______ does too;

Oct 02
rant 0 comments challenge: Virus
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Dear Coronavirus,

    Just one thing, why? Why are you here? Why do you like attacking us? The whole world. I know some people in this world aren’t treating the world well but no need for revenge. We didn’t want you to come. Why this year? I actually wanted to have a good year and restart. When I say restart, I mean not to wear a mask everywhere I go outside of my house and social distance from people. I wanted to enjoy life but now you took it away from me.
Sep 11
rant 0 comments challenge: CJP-Fire


Did you know that there's such a thing as a controlled burn? Yep. Here's what controlled burning is: "Controlled burning is any fire intentionally ignited to meet specific land management objectives, such as to... restore ecosystem health" (USDA). And do you know what tends to happen? The earth naturally needs to burn sometimes. And humans often stop that burning if it occurs near them! So then what do you have? A bunch of super-dry-about-to-burn grass. This happens over and over again and you end up with a large amount of land that is dry and burnable, so when lightning strikes or somebody throws a smoking cigarette out of their car window and into a field, that dry field can catch fire. Of course, there are other things to consider that I've left out like climate change and the way humans are affecting ecosystems everywhere and the complete crap thats going on, but honestly I'm tired of watching things burn. So I will let it be.
Sep 01

The hands of time

I've seen the hands of time. Wisend gnarled old fingers, long and slender, in shades of murky grey. The hands grope around the edges of my nightmares, prod the clay of my subconscious, shatter the frames of my memory. The hands of time hold, held, will hold, my brain in its palm. I've become it's plaything. Days blend into nights, seconds turn to hours in the blink of an eon. The hangs do not know why they hold me, that much I can tell. Perhaps they were lonley, stuck in the maze of space all alone. Maybe they're malicious, peeling back the scabs of old wounds ever so tenderly, and pouring centuries of contemplation into foaming brine. I will not know until they release me, whenever that is. For now I'm stuck, staring at the hands of time.
Aug 25
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The demons in my mirror

I have to cover my mirror with a scarf every night. Or I'm sure that the demons inside will escape and kill me in my sleep.

i know they don't exist.
but I still do it every time.

Aug 23

Words Left Unspoken


Why are you doing this to me?
I’m riding an emotional rollercoaster  
With you at the controls

At first I pardoned your offense 
Creating excuses 
To ease the pain
I just can’t imagine 
You hurting me on purpose 

After a week and a half you suddenly started texting again
Acting as if nothing has happened
I play along not wanting to pick
At the fresh scab laid apon our friendship

A month later you ghost me, again
For not one
Not two
But three weeks!
My plentiful messages left read
With no reply
Finally I got up the gall to confront the worries whirling inside 
Asking in sencerity if I angered you in some way
Your reply sounds feasible 
Family trouble
A loved one gone
Nothing personal 
Plumes of guilt invade my conscious 
How could I jump to worse case scenario
Aug 20

permanent ink

I try not to have any regrets
but yet I find myself
sometimes in debt
to the man in the corner
with his scraping beard
and jagged silhouette

he's the one I would have feared
inside his web of crawling
a single cigarette
draping from his lips of lead

a stream of smoke that slowly ebbs
inside my mind
offset from the kind of things
that normally would have appeared
a speeding train threatening to upset
the notion
that we are intertwined

a minuet to which we are blind
an orchestral chant
a rant
for those who bled
instead of breathing
for those who fought instead
of dreaming

because once you wait your turn in line
until your empty fate's assigned
time will burn in fiery red
a soulless threat
we may not have volunteered
for this
but why are we still inclined 
to find
what words will stay 
Aug 14
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Little changes save lives

To help our planet all you truly need is a fresh mindset. In the past few months I've grown from someone who simply enjoys nature, to someone who deeply appreciates its value. I then wanted to find ways to give back to this lovely earth whom we've broken so much. However, focusing on the negative is part of the problem. Yes our ecosystems are dying, but you know that, what needs to become more known is hope. The hope that you and others can change your ways and open your mind. You can save the planet. The sooner you realize it, the more empowering it is. 

I started small, by shopping at thrift stores more often. Not only is thrifting the most eco friendly way to shop, but it is a lot more fun. So after I started thrift shopping I stopped buying from big retail stores. I even brought out my old sewing machine and patterns and made myself a few shirts.
Aug 09

The Story of Coming Out (and being closeted)

Note: I'm writing this the way I speak, so I apologize for any grammatical errors.

Before I was out, things were simpler, to say the least. The questions were less, "ooo, who do you like, spill!" And more like, "oo, what are you going to have for dinner, DANG IT, you spilled the tea! Go clean that up!" Or rather, that was before any of us were thinking about being out and more about what we were going to find in our lunchboxes (let me tell you, I often found the strangest things—orange peel, dog food, even the odd piece of string that my cat had clearly ruined).