Nov 17

Drama and a Wisp of Smoke

He puts me down again and agian,
But I don't do anything about it.
My other friends tell him off,
But I tell them it doesn't really matter.
But it obviously does matter.
And it's breaking me,
But I don't do anything.
I'm like a wisp of smoke,
Going unoticed and going where I want.
But not doing anything.
And my friends defend me (the wisp of smoke)
But it's a lost cause and I don't know why.
I just know it is.
If life was a page I could write everything right and make it all the way I want it to be.
But that world would be so off from reality that no one would want to live there.
So instead I sit at this computer,
Making all you people listen to my drama.
But it feels good, so please deal with it. 
Nov 16


Which one do I pick?
All stuck behind cages.
Scraggly fur
Eyes saying "Get me out of here!"
Cats, dogs, fish, parrots
All sickly and dying.
I only have five minutes to save one
The minute hand plodds slowly on.
Never stopping or hesitating.
Then I see the one I want to save.
Stuck behind 3 cat cages
Is a cat in a box.
With one air hole.
I need to save him.
"Excuse me Mister?"
I ask the storekeeper
"I want the one in the box."
"No you don't want Tera. She is very sick."
No wonder she's sick. You would be sick too if I stuffed you in a box.
"I want her."
I pull out a twenty.
"Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you."
He moves aside the cages and picks up the box.
I take it and walk out of the store wishing I could save each and every one of the animals in there.
Those poor poor animals.
In the car, I open the box.
Inside, a tiny brown kitten with a white nose.
Nov 15


I’m beautiful for all the reasons you think I’m ugly.

I don’t wear that makeup that all the other girls wear, nor do I gel my hair like the guys do. I’m not thin and I always have bags under my eyes. I wear baggy mismatched clothes while your all wear dresses and nice clothes. I don’t follow your styles and I constantly rebel from what you think is presentable. I’m a permanent rebel when it comes to your standards.

I don’t like to dye my hair or get my ears pierced. To get anything pierced for that matter. I like tattoos on the other hand. I hate short shorts and my feelings fluctuate when it comes to crop tops. I prefer longer shorts and sweatshirts.
Nov 15


What do you mean you think I’m stupid? Because I can’t remember anything? There’s something out there called “Short Term Memory Loss”. I have it. I can do stuff like math just as well as the rest of you, I just can’t remember it.

You still think I’m stupid? Why now? Because I play video games? Video games are always teaching you something, sometimes it doesn’t seem relevant, and sometimes it doesn’t seem good. Using computers helped sharpen my reading skills and also taught me how to do basic math when I was younger. Video games actually helped sharpen my skills.

I’m still stupid? Why am I stupid still? Because I identify differently than you think I should? My gender has no relevance to how smart I am. Even if I did identify the way you think I should.

No, the other thing is why I’m stupid? My sexuality also has no impact on how I perform in my classes. Well, it actually does but not in the way of doing my work.
Nov 11
g_rob02's picture

Nature II

                        I hate meaningless weather.
Frigid days, no snow.
Dark clouds, no rain.
Sunny moments, no heat.

                        I hate these empty promises, these white lies.
Like a raised middle finger from mother nature in the most glorious fashion. 
Nature's nasty tricks suck.

                       I love emotional weather.
Passionate blizzards making one's vision whiter than a Starbucks on a lazy Sunday, clashing with a heartless cold that elicits the primordial id of our long departed ice age ancestors.  
Cloth drenching rain that prompts Gene Kelly to sing and dance from the grave with fierce claps of thunder, rivaled only by the broken-hearted cries of a wanting soul.
Days of brilliant sunshine that fills the far too often bleak landscape with loving warmth that brings forth memories of your lover’s soft kiss and tender touch.
Nov 08

I don't know what this is...


Bananaman and it is the bomb. Our tree is like, i don't know. I think it's like a thousand feet? No, i think it's 500. You can like make them look like zombies.

Thats good. It's less than a second for ecah one.

*randomly says noot*

7.1 seconds!

Andre just loves to brag

I'm good at school. I'm bad at life.

*cough cough, brag brag*

Are you a good typer?

Ya i'm a good sniper

No, typer

Oh, i dunno. I landed in risky reels.

*starts singing We Know The Way*

Now i'm gonna do that


Hello andre. Earth to andre. Are you ever gonna say somthing. Andre! ANDRE! DO YOU KNOW DE WAY? Hi. I SPEAKA TO YOU! Andre you need help



I SPEAKA TO YOU!!!!!!!!!! Girija, youa spooka me
Nov 07


We, as a planet or a species, love patterns.
When we have the ability to chose between something predictable, and something unpredictable,
We choose what we can predict.
We do this for many reasons, most of which are clear as day.
Look around you.
If something globally monumental happens,
Wouldn't we react strongly?
We'd probably be extremely worried.
We might get on our phones and immediately be sucked into a different world, only to have our worries increase as we read more and more theories and assumptions.
We might never get to the root of the problem and have to live with the knowledge that we were stumped.
We hate being stumped.
Maybe it's just me; but whenever we get forced into a situation we can't worm our way out of, we feel a flaring mix of emotions.
Same as when we get faced with a problem that has the looks of impossible,
Or a crossroads that might affect our future.
Nov 06
NAW793's picture

Why Your Vote Matters

Your Vote Matters.
It all starts with one.
One turns to two, two votes turn into more, and soon you have thousands of votes, each one contributing a little bit to the long term cause.
If one person doesn't vote, that one person will turn to two.
Two will turn to more, and soon you have thousands, each one decreasing the chance that the results will make you happy.
Little things can turn into big ones, from one simple vote to thousands, even millions of votes.
Raise your voice, because your opinion matters.
YOU matter.
Nov 05
Bookworm's picture

The Problem with Feminism

One of the many controversies in our society. In our country.
Let's face it - feminism hurts people more than it helps people.
And here are the facts to defend that statement.

1. It destroys the relationship between the sexes.
"Feminism has attempted to bully us all into accepting an obvious lie - the lie that men and women have the same powers, talents, proclivities and desires and that consequently any discrepancy in their professional paths is due to bigotry and must be corrected by force of culture and law,"
-Who Needs Feminism? Andrew Klavan, PragerU

2. Feminism denigrates masculinity in men by constantly calling them toxic for their flaws.
Feminists don't appreciate the fact that men have good qualities, such as energy, risk-taking and leadership. It doesn't help when they put men down for their flaws. 

3. It denigrates femininity in women.
Nov 04


Tuesday (Today!)
The day that decides what happens to our country.
Who takes control of this country.
The day that we know who cares about this country.
But we will only know what adults care about this country
Because kids like me don't have a say.
Sure, we may be the ones who everyday we go to school have a chance
A small chance
But a chance still the same
Of getting plowed down by a gun.
And many children have!
But those in danger still have no chance of voting.
Because they are too young
Because they are too inexperienced.
Really though?
I'd call staring down a gun barrel a hell of a lot of experience.
More than most adults have.
Any of you who have been living in VT for the last four years can be the governor.
If you are to "young" to vote
Make sure the adults vote.
If you are over 18 and don't want to vote
Do it.

Nov 01

Sorry Not Sorry

Don't tell me who I am.
I'm not who you think.
They say that I'm the smart one.
At least that's what they think.
Sure I might have skipped a grade.
So what?
My old class wasn't that great.
At least not a perfect fit for me.
I love my new class.
except for the people who say
"Well, technically you're in 7th grade."
"You're 12."

Allow me to step in.
1: I've worked harder than any of you to be in this class
You got your 8th grade status because it just happened.
I earned mine.

2: I've been on this earth for 13 years.
Same as you.
I'm only 8 months younger than you.
You are thirteen too.
We really aren't that different.

Then you see that you annoyed me.
"I'm sorry!!!"
Like that helps.
Of course, 
I accepted it the first time.
And the second.
And the third.
And the fourth.
And all the rest.
But now?
Oct 30
sorayaissad's picture


written by Soraya M
Sometimes I'm okay
Sometimes I'm not
I've realized how far I've come
How I've gotten over rough parts of my depression
How many tears I've shed
How I've managed to cope with all and still be alive
I've pushed through it all and so can you
you matter
live free my child
live free
Oct 27
sorayaissad's picture

Hateful Monster

Hateful Monster
written by Soraya M

Some people use the word hate as a replacement for the word love. Some people use the word for the real meaning of it. When I look down I see my scars of the cuts that were once there. They were there for a reason. HATE was the reason. I hated myself. I still do. I hate myself because I lost the one person that mattered to me the most. If I could fix my mistakes I would, but Im not a time traveler. I have to live with the pain every single day knowing I messed the hell up. I have know that I said something that triggered the person to leave me. I know he doesnt love me anymore. Knowing that I showed him a part of me and gave him something of mine that I can't get back, rips me to shreds. It was a side of me no one has ever seen. It was the monster side of me. The monster was depression. My monster drove him away forever... I look down again and there are the cuts. It's my hateful monster's fault.
Oct 26
sorayaissad's picture

Sweet Child

     If I could go back to where my depression started I would slap myself and hug myself. I would hug that child. I would love that child and fill her empty heart. I would be the figure the child looked up to. I am still that child at heart. I would tell 6 year old soraya not to starve herself out. I would tell 8 year old soraya that its not okay to carve letters into her arm. I would tell 11 year old soraya to stick up for herself. I would tell 13 year old soraya not to drink or try to kill herself because there are people that care for her safety. I would tell present me that everything will be okay. We all go through rough patches. Some more than others, like me<3.
Oct 26
tobin's picture

To the White House

To the White House, 

I hope, for the sake of our country, and the world, that anyone who doesn't believe in climate change is removed from a place of power.

Climate change is real, it is here, proven by science, and it is not going to go away. If you do not believe the science, you should not be in any place of power. The USA is one of the only countries that is still not taking decisive actions to stop climate change, and of these countries we emit by far the most CO2.
Oct 26
sorayaissad's picture


a song by Soraya M

Oh everyone always says there's happy endings to stories
But mine, I'm alone, I'm alone, I'm alone
Lonelyness isnt bad when you have a big fat cat
I miss your hugs your cuddles, your kisses, and your nuzzles
I miss you, I love you, but I'll get over you
Oh it hurts, it hurts, but goodbye Matthew
Stay friends to the end
Goodbye I love you
Goodbye Matthew
Oct 26

Think before you vote.

I am so done with people not voting.
Don't you care about us?
The future generation?
You might be 72
and dead before the next presidency
But us?
In 8 years I'm gonna be 21.
And I better live well past 21.
If I don't 
Then you and me are gonna have a problem in the after life.
Cause every kid deserves to be safe.
If people in the streets
Are pulling out shotguns and shooting people
Cause you voted for the next dictator
who gets rid of elections and takes over the world
then what are you gonna say?

I'm not saying not to vote for who you believe in
But think very well before you vote.
If you see some dude harassing women one second
Then running for president in the next second
Chances are
Your life will kinda suck for the next few years.

Just think!!!!
Oct 26
Spezzdidly's picture

Election 2018

Earlier this week I heard an essay about midterms and wanted to write a response to it from my point of view. I’m a conservative a Donald Trump kinda guy. I believe that we shouldn’t have open borders. I don’t think that the rich should be forced to give money to the poor. I don’t think that free health care and college are great ideas when looked into. I am going to explain why using statistics and facts in an attempt to change your mind on these subjects.
Oct 26
samuelcorti's picture

election 2018

The U.S.A.

Samuel Corti
The United states is getting more polarized and worse by the minute the country is going downhill fast so we need to elect someone who will deal with global warming. And  the polarization. Racism is also a big problem and yes it still exists. It is mostly people who don’t realize or don’t know there is doing it. Global warming is also a problem because it has been getting worse and will get worse if someone won’t start doing something about it. I want someone to get elected that will start dealing with global warming.

People say that Americans are dumb and there is no denying it we are we are pushing the boundaries of our own Constitution by allowing blacks to vote and women the right to vote but treating blacks horribly saying racist stuff that 90%of the population knows it is offensive and racist.     

Oct 25

I Want To Die

The title got you, didn't it?
It is such a depressing phrase, 
and yet it is used quite a lot these days,
especially from my generation, from what I've noticed.
How sad is it that kids' lives are so horrible that they 
want to be rid of them forever?
You might brush it off, call us weak,
"just suck it up, your life isn't that bad".
You have no idea of what is going on in their life.
If you believe that you get the 
right to say things like that,
about someone else's life,
then you should put on their shoes
and really see what they are going through.
These days, stress is getting piled on teenagers
about college, homework, jobs, debt, life in general.
And sometimes, it becomes too much,
so they take the only way out they can think of. 
The problem with this world is that we have normalized
the wanting of death, to get away from here and all this stress.