Feb 14

Reasons Why I Hate Being A Single Pringle

Because I don't want to be a single pringle.
Because I get jealous over really stupid things.
Because everytime I watch a show or movie with kissing and stuff I want to cry.
Because I really want to talk to my friends about our boyfriends and I can't do that because I don't have one.
Because the competitive atmosphere of being a single pringle is annoying.
Because I don't have anyone to kiss.
Because I can't take couple selfies.
Because I can't tell people I can't hang out because I'm hanging out with my boyfriend.
Because I can't be happy for my friends who have relationships.
Because I can't go to sleep and wake up everyday and know that someone else is thinking about me, and loving me.
And that's all I need.
Feb 14


A blank world
Scrawled onto thousands of sheets of creamy white paper
Ink rubbed off and flowing through the veins of a billion blank humans.
Blank eyes glued to the bright abyss of people out there
False smiles typed rapidly onto a growing list on nothing
Burning into ashes of words that are forgotten 
And waves a thing of the past.
Feb 07

MY Words

I love to write.
I hate being excited.
But I love to write.
But most people don't appreciate it.
Is it because it's bad?
Because it's so sad (usually) that you automatically feel like a piece of sadness, floating around.
Is it so sad that you can't understand it?
Because you can't feel it.
Well, I can feel it.
I can feel words in every bone in my body.
Every step, movement, song.
Every heartache,
Every long day.
But they don't like it.
Some of them even hate it.
But still I write.
I write the things I wish,
The things that others wish.
I write the words of the songs of the people who are stuck in a place called nowhere,
Bogged down by their own lonelyness.
Because we are alone. 
And I've tried to get noticed.
I've tried to write wise,
I've tried to write happy,
Iv'e tried smart, long, short, rhyming.
Still nothing.
Feb 04
Qwen Block's picture

Perfectly Imperfect

That’s the only frustrating thing about you.
You’re so perfectly imperfect.
Jan 31


Red like crimson, fangs like knives.

Horns the curve towards the sky.

A grin that cries: "Run away and hide!"

"I'll find you no matter how hard you try!"

"I'll haunt your nightmares and leave you to die!"

The mask the resembles the goat: the devil in disguise.

"Get them!" they cry.

"They'll find you in the night,"

"Stop them before they take us to die!"

Fists are swung, feet are flying.

The mask doesn't come off no matter the prying.

A crack forms, and more after that.

A blue face is shown tears and all.

A face that screams: "Help me! Please!"

"Don't fall for it!" they say.

"It's a facade!"

The beating doesn't stop. 

The costume is shed, revealing what lies inside.

A broken body, with nothing to hide.

Skin and bones are all that lie.

Jan 22
wondering about rain's picture


Hey y'all, Its me :) I just wanted to say hi and share some stuff I have learned going through my first real commited relationship as a 16 year old that maybe will help someone out there trying to figure it all out too cause its goddamn hard. I am in love, pretty hopelessly with this boy, but that doesn't mean that it isn't still hard, and that it is perfect.
Jan 22

Kavanaugh Controversy

There was a woman brave enough to tell the world that she had been assualted
But she wasn't helped, no
She was told she was lying
And that her perpetrator was getting a place in the government
And definetly not going to jail
She was told that a man evil enough to sexauly assault her was going to be rewarded
That he was going to repersent this country
In the supreme court
He is going to see if laws are against the constitution
After he had done something that was against the very document 
The rules that hold our society together
So don't say how much he had been through
Think about how much she had to go through

Jan 21

“With liberty and justice for all”

In January of 1963, eight clergymen published an open letter to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This letter warned against King’s demonstrations of civil disobedience. The clergymen called on him to preserve the peace of Birmingham. King received this letter while in prison for leading a parade without a permit. It was no parade that King was marching in, but rather a display advocating for human rights. Thus, “A Letter from Birmingham City Jail” was born. Composed on April 16, 1963, in the margins of a newspaper, this “letter” addresses the racial injustice in Birmingham and in the United States. Now, over fifty years later, the words of King still ring true to the tragedies of today. Yet, through the many mirrors of society, we are often unable to see beneath the surface; we forget that injustice manifests in many forms. The lynching of a black man, the raping of a woman: they both provide vivid proof that our society still clings to power and privilege.
Jan 20

Our job

We have gripped this Earth
So hard and twisted it into a pale shadow of itself.
We washed away its trees
And put in its place
Places of industry
Places more important then some dumb tree.
But soon
These buildings are left to crumble
And wither away into a dead heap of concrete and metal.
We try to justify what we have done
And say that humans are powerful beings 
And a few bugs do not really matter
But the only power we have is given to us
By other humans
Not by nature or the universe.
Earth is forced to stand by silent
As it folds into itself and deflates like a tired balloon.
Someday someone will look out of their window
And look at the trash blowing in the wind
And wish generations before them had noticed this.
We are those generations.
​We have a job.
Let's do it.

Jan 14
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I have a secret place tucked away in the deepest corner of my mind. This place, a forest with dark, stately pine trees brushing the clouds with their furry fingertips, it is a place that I like to walk barefoot through. I let my toes spread over the thick pine needles blanketing the forest bottom, and this magnificent tickling sensation shoots through my limbs. I tilt my head back and see a ring of treetops encircling me, I catch a glimpse of the big dipper and a shooting star seeping through the branches. The spotlight of the moon outlines my shadow, and casts light on the rough tree trunks I stand beside. I am tiny compared to these tree trunks. They are powerful, shooting out of the Earth, and I am only resting the palms of my feet on the surface. I don’t dig deep the way they do. Even so, I venture further into this forest, deeper, and deeper, until I am no longer surrounded by pine trees. My naked toes are sinking deep into white sand, soft as silk.
Jan 10

the world is rotten and foul, bitter and sour

This world is too dark
They say ignorance is bliss
I know for a fact that it’s true
If only they knew this
What the world really was
Their perspective would be clear
People are crying for help,Can you hear?
people,  being used and abused
People,  being kidnaped and sold
Some people grow old, not knowing what the world really is
Not, knowing the PAIN people have gone through
What HORROR there is in the society we live
How many people had been put through the worst of pain for the benefit of others?
How many CHILDREN  have lost their fathers and mothers
How many people been KILLED because someone in power didn't get what they want
I can't tell you how many, because there is too many for me to count
The system is messed up, it’s for the benefit of the rich and those in power
The world we live in is rotten and foul, bitter and sour.
Jan 07

I Believe In Us

The first time I heard of the wave of school shootings streaking across our nation, I was shaken to the core of my being.

The second time, I was scared but not shocked.

By the third time, I was used to getting alerts about students being shot in one of the few places they should feel safe. And that’s not a sentence anyone should ever have been able to say.

I read the stories online. I read the obituaries of the students, who had opportunities awaiting them they would never be able to take. Acceptances into college, internships, places on sports teams that were robbed from them in a single bullet.

I read the stories of the survivors as well.
Audio download:
This I Believe.m4a
Jan 07


The minute you walk into the room...
Everything goes away.
And the only thing I know is-
It's like a video game.
Follow the mouse sort of thing.
I have to be at your side.
Every second of every minute that I can be with you.
And I follow you around like a dog follows it's owner.
I chase after you with the others.
But in my mind they aren't there.
It's just us.
They call it cute, adorable, helpless, hopeless, ridiculous.
But I still come to you, track you.
I deal with all of it for you.
And I'd deal with all of it and more if I could just be yours.
And you could just be mine.
And no one else's.
Because I need you.
And someday you'll realize how much you need me.
Jan 07
Jay.marie's picture


I find joy in the simple things, 
the dark cold clouds before the spring, 
wet toes in mud and sing.

Happiness in my heart. 

Joyous lives inside those churches-
before I was to ache and purchase. 

I was young and wild at times, picking berries in my nines, 
recording music in the backyard tree- 
that was my everything. 

Dec 25

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?
Yes I'm talking to you 
The big guys (and sometimes girls or gender creatives) up top.
I feel really small right now.
I can't stop you from blowing up the world
Even though I might die.
Maybe if the sound of your own egos die down,
You'll hear the whisper of my voice saying
Peace love and happiness 
Is it really that hard?
We voted you in to office...
No we didn't.
The electoral college chose you.
That doesn't seem fair.
No wonder you can't hear my voice.
Mayve just listen to the people
The Americans.
We the people who have no say do demand a better government.
Ratify some amendments!
It's hard?
That's because our Congress is screwed up.
Maybe we should make a amendment.
The YWP amendment. 
I have some great ideas and I am sure you do too.
I don't care who you like
Dec 20

What Almost Happened

There was a police car parked outside the school.
It brought rumors spreading like ink in water, twelve adults in the cafeteria, classes starting with hushed discussions, rumors, officers gazing through cloudy windows, students hesitating just before stepping out into the hallways, emails at 11:00 PM, forced jokes shouted in a crowded room, rumors, newspaper articles, fingers trembling from frustration, what

“For the second time in a week, a potential school shooting was thwarted by a tipster who gave authorities a heads up -- this time in the town of Middlebury, Vermont.” (McLaughlin, Eliott & Chavez, Nicole, CNN World News)
Dec 17


Tears don't dry, they

Cuts don't heal, they

Bones don't mend, they 

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words can always hurt me.
Dec 10
Emalie Rosamae's picture

I'm not sure

I know that I'm always loud, obnoxious, and disappointing,
I know that i'm not pretty,
I know that i'm not funny,
I know that I'm not perfect.

I am bipolar, I am depressed, i have severe anxiety, and i choose not to eat.

That's not an excuse. I'm not looking for pity.

I like who I am. 
People like me,
I have a wonderful family,
and i am loved.
That doesn't change anything. 

I am sad, and hurting and angry.
Im angry at them, at you, at myself.
I hurt everyone I love, 
I make it so they can't love me back.

I hide, 
I hide and I run away from my problems.
I have family issues, not bad,
I have relationship issues,
and I am absolutely terrified.
Dec 07
earleyg's picture

Level Up

From the first week of school, I joined a volleyball club. I wanted to be more active and this was a great way to make new friends and bond with those I already had. The first time, I was picked second to last by the captains. I was disappointed, but was like, "I'll show them my skill and maybe next time, I'll be chosen sooner." The next time we picked, I was chosen second. My skill paid off. I'm not a volleyball star but I love the sport and make up for my inexperience with eagerness and aggression to get the ball. I've been playing now for a few months and have noticed a pattern. There are a top six or seven white guys who are basically all MVPs and are chosen first while weaker members or less experienced players are given reluctant debating stares before being chosen. This is drop-in volleyball. This isn't the official team where you make the cut or not. The number of women who came to volleyball in the first few weeks were small enough, but now, only four-five of us are left.
Dec 06


If I looked into a mirror right now what would I see?
I would see a sad, lonely face.
Staring at me with a glare that projects hate,
But means sorrow.
If I let words pour out of my mouth right now what would I say?
I might tell you a story, or a lie.
But it wouldn't matter because you wouldn't listen anyway.
If I went outside the rain would stream down my face,
Mixed with tears.
And this doesn't need to mean anything,
So don't try to make it have a meaning,
Because that's not the point.