express yourself
Sep 25

help me

pressing in

on me i cAN'T
you're crow
       forcing me into mYSELf
forcing me

to swerve ar
                   ound you
when i haVE No space
no space
to b
can't brea
too much nOISE swelling

inside my HEAD CHok
                                    ing me
crushing mE
Sep 24
PDXmarvel's picture

this time my mom got mad.

i hear your raised voices from upstairs. what happened to dinner? Mom getting mad. dad getting mad. something about how she always says sorry. she deserves an apology. what happened to dinner? dad knows, he says. he tells her he is confused. he tries. he tries. but nothing stops my mother, not now. my sister comes up the stairs. crying. what happened to dinner? she wonders. i wonder. eventually it dies off. their words echo. what have they done? what happened to dinner?
Sep 20

destination unknown

can we just go?
it doesnt matter where,
it doesnt matter how,
i just wanna go with you,
and share a pair of headphones
with the music turned all the way up,
glancing at each other 
out of the sides of our eyes
every once in a while,
just to make sure we are
both still there,
then smiling,
and looking away again
towards wherever we are going,
the destination doesnt
really doesnt matter to me,
Sep 10
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True colors

All these colors meant something. They were the rainbow between our hearts linking them together like paper chains in 1st grade. 1st grade was so easy, boys had cooties and girls wore too much pink and it was fun to steal their glasses and head bands. The best part out of all of this nonsense was we played. Together, we played as one race of humans, no prejudice. We fought over dolls and whose outfit was better.


I have just been woken from what seems like an afternoon slumber.

Fiona has spoken. And she has told me the sad story of women -- young and old -- who are now expected to shave their legs. And underarms. OMG, how unsightly. 

Not so, I argue.
Sep 03
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What is darkness?
It is a blackness
It is a lack of light
It is where fear comes from
It is where fear is conquered
It is the rest after a long day
It is the hope that tomorrow will be better
It is the hope that tomorrow I will be better
It is the opposite of light
It is the partner of light
So why do we shun it?
Aug 29
rant/rave 1 comment challenge: One

Good morning

Good morning.
No it isn't.
I wasn't asking, I was merely extending you the courtesy of saying 'Good morning,' as in 'Hello.'
I know that. I just don't see why you say it. And I don't see the need to agree with you. There's nothing good about it.
Well it's not necessary to give me a commentary. That was not what I was asking for.
What were you asking for?
I wasn't asking for anything. I was just saying hello.
Aug 25


I worked on a piece here for 
45 minutes.  
​Then one wrong button and 

It drives me crazy.
​I start frantically clicking keys
​trying to get back to my writing-in-progress.
All I get is a blank box.
I glare at the screen. 

​I know this is something I have to work on.
Not using a computer correctly,
​(though I need to do that to)
​But letting things go when they don't work out.
Aug 16
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I am

My name is Bianca. I'm African American but my name means white and pure. It's an Italian name. I love my name and I thinks it's beautiful. It represents the opposite of who I am as a person and when people hear my name and they seem. They're shocked because I wasn't what they expected. I am me. I am Bianca. 
Aug 13


It's hard to be a real person when you don't do much anymore but bring loaf after loaf of bread out of the oven even though you're running out of flour. It sounds like a hobby but it's more of a Weltschmerz-y sadness because I only want really want the first three slices to melt honey on and it's still never as good as I want it to be, even if I put together buzzwords like 
Aug 12
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Welp, this isn't normal.
I mean what else can I say?
There were bigots out there,
With torches and flames.

Meanwhile I'm here,
Alone, and safe in my room,
While hatred reigns out there,
This spells out our doom.

Yet safe here in the mountains,
I'm just a kid, a freshman soon.
That's right, I'm going into highschool.
God, it's so weird to think of school.

When out there people are shouting,
Aug 12

Note to self

  • It's hard now, but someday it is going to get better. Someday, you will look back on these memories and you will laugh, you will smile, and you will say, "I gave myself too hard of a time." It's hard, but sometimes things are meant to happen, and when you read this, you will remember that you are fearless. You are a warrior. You are human. 
  • Their words do not define you.
Aug 09
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how can I make something out of nothing,
when nothing seems to be a concept not a truth,
for example take these words,
the very words I am writing
If I took them off the page,
would there nothing,
no, there would be a blank computer screen
and your blank face trying to process
why exactly I have entered a full page of nothing.
But here again is a play on words.
You use words that do not fit,
and you waste the words completely.
Jul 31

English Slang-guage

Words are meant to express, to impress, to convey,
to describe how we feel and respond in our own way
but now most teens settle for "idk"

"Idk"? you won't even spell out "I don't' know"?
the English language has stooped to an all-time low.

Instead of "How are you?" or "What's going on?" they type "wyd"
how much more lazy and careless can they possibly be?

They could at least use their own voice & mind to send something different,
Jul 28
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A Physiological Basket Case

“You want something healthy, yes? How about this amazing salmon? No? Why?! It tastes ‘fishy’?!!! Oh, No! No! Fresh fish is not ‘fishy’ at all!” Here goes the usual exclamation when someone hears I don’t like fish. First things first, fish, no matter how fresh it is, is fish. I don’t care if it was fried still in convulsions. Fish is…. fishy.
Jul 28
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Quick warning about explicit language. It's just one word, though. It is a rant in, what you could call, a poem, if you would like.
Jul 27

It's Not a Joke

I'm sitting in the living room with my parents and their friend. Somebody brings up climate change - maybe me; talking about the project I'm doing on it, maybe someone else; mentioning the strange weather.

It's laughed off. "Here comes the beach!" somebody chuckles.

This isn't a joke.
Jul 26

Continuous Tides

It is always a hard decision. 
What you've been craving,
and what is the right choice. 
If "going for what you want" is correct...
then why wouldn't it be the right choice? 
In my mind, 
I know it's wrong. 
We aren't what we used to be,
so I should let it go. 
You don't deserve a second, (or, was it third..?), chance. 
I think we can all agree that seperating
heart from mind,
is never easy. 

You confuse me. 
Jul 20

Comfort of My Own Soul

Have you ever wanted to block the whole world out? 
Just speak to no one. 
Disappear into the darkness...
even if only for a few hours. 
Just evaporate into thin air,
to think,
to breathe,
to just be. 
To not worry about saying the wrong thing. 
Or saying too much. 
Letting people in feels so good...
but it's a dangerous game. 
Who knows if they are playing to win...
or playing to make you lose.