Mar 07

Grow Up and Listen

You don't wanna talk to me or listen to me or hear what it is I want to tell you so badly and that's fine.
You never want to listen to anyone anyway.
You'll never understand what it's like for everyone else because you never listen.
You don't care and you don't want to.
You're stubborn and greedy and everything I dislike in a person.
You picked and poked at the people I love for being different.
You nag and nudge because you can never be like them.
You can never be original or funny or free.
You'll always be trapped by your own hate, unable to be happy, unable to let go.
You'll never understand what it's like to be born in a body that you don't feel is yours.
You'll never know what it's like to be scoffed at and ridiculed for being yourself.
You'll never know love or friendship or family and for that, I feel sorry for you.
You're just too busy being torn by hate and chewed up by its disgusting mouths.
Mar 03
rant 2 comments challenge: Unjust

Is this normal?

Here's what I need. Next time you speak to me, call me a baddass before you talk or ask about my ass. I need every person who makes an objectifying  comment, sexual advance, or otherwise problematic innuendo, to imagine they're saying it to their baby sister. To their neighbor. To the kindergarteners we walk past out in the world, to the mothers who fought so hard for equal opportunity in the workplace. I need each and every person to ask themselves before they speak, "Does this sentence use a woman as an object? Am I going to benefit the people around me by saying this, or am I simply insecure?"

Because while I can recover from your comments, jokes, and phrases that are seen as normal in our culture of harassment, I don't know if she can. I don't know if the next girl can. I can't sit back and watch while those around me suffer. This language is not normal. It CANNOT be normal. It's ludicrous that women are subjected to crude comments wherever they go. 
Feb 27

Silent Panic

shallow breaths are ignored for sometime now. fingers, clenched up, scratching at others. no. 
control, don’t let your emotion subdue you. right now is when your brain should not control your body.
muffled curses are silently screamed. ink punctures your mental diary. it overflows.
subconscious sirens and hammering heartbeats. sweat forms. right now is when your brain does not control your body. 
Feb 22
Monster_T_02's picture

Do I Miss You?

You asked me, "Do you miss me enough to swallow back the spice filled, delirium inducing elixir?" And I responded "I loved you enough not to" There isn't a moment in time your memory doesn't flash across my consciousness. A moment your smile doesn't cross my mind, Or your laugh doesn't invade my senses. Nearly a year later my heart still cries out for you in my sleep. I still yearn to hold you again. Not a moment your sarcasm doesn't reach, And I don't feel your judgment of my actions. You remind me not to. Your memory serves as a guide. It hold the place my own judgment used to lie. I no longer am capable of asking you what i should do. I can no longer sit next to you eating ice cream. Or find lost books in the forest. I can no longer see your motorcycle, Nor feel the sun hit my face as we swam at the beach. I will never see your face again. But when it ended. I was not the one seeking guidance. You sought out closure, and understanding. Your fear, your hope, your pain,
Feb 21
rant 3 comments challenge: Year 2
IceGalaxy's picture


conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.
"it's quite normal for puppies to bolt their food"

That's the thing about our
species as humans. We adapt
over time; learn to make the best
of what we have. We are
survivors at heart; it is 
in our blood and nature. We
have been taught to prepare for
natural disasters,
a bunch of random things that could
destroy us. But I swear to god
or anything or anyone up there,
no one could have been prepared
for this. 

My friend has his bar mitzvah 
on the full year of quarantine:
March 13th, 2021. Shocking, 
if you think about it. A full year
of isolation,
facetime calls,
empty nothingness...
it's become normal. 
We've adapted. Now we know
to not leave the house without
a mask and hand sanitizer, 

The Fundamentals

Why is everything? 

what is a human? 


Feb 15

~mental diary~

I wish I kept a diary. 
For concealing everything
That lies beyond my outer shell
Brings no satisfaction. 

If I were to keep a diary, 
I would write my battling breaths
And rattling years.

But if I were to keep a diary,
Would someone walk upon the sodden pages,
And know?
Would my tsunami of feelings
Be found?

Feb 08
IceGalaxy's picture

you used to love me

and i believed you 
when you said those three words
so go ahead and call me a fool
or a b!tch
or a hopeful lover
but i guess its better than 
never loving at all. 

love is pain. 
that's how i will almost always
link love with anything. 

because you taught me that. 

you stabbed my heart 6 months ago.

i'm still bleeding.

i have these flashbacks
whenever someone says or
does something. i think of
you and only you for
a couple of moments, and 
how you loved me. 

and now
someone loves me the way 
you used to, and though
i may want to (I DONT KNOW)
i cant love them back
because of what you did
to me.


if you see this in the future,
i want you to know
how much you hurt me. i 
may never recover.

and all because of you. 
Jan 24

forever young

forever young.
dandelions, feathers,
floating in the sky,
look up, sir,
we’re going high

forever young.
treated like children,
expected to be adults,
you’ve lived your life,
now let us live ours

forever young.
and we care about friends,
so what?
and we wanna have fun,
so what?

forever young.
blame us for drugs,
mock the drunk,
“get yourself together”,
well you never did.

forever young.
moody? no.
angry? never.
disappointed? yes.
stressed? always.

forever young
riots, mobs, protests,
danger, ire, rage,
bands, beer, parties
connotations, assumptions.

forever young.
wrote in your texts,
in your book,
flip the page,
just take a look

forever young.
rowdy teens, yes?
pointless, idiotic, yes?
maybe we’ve got something to say,
Jan 22

Oh, I love a good book!

I love a good book.

It could be a book where the sleek, smooth surface, hides 
the mossy hardcover book. 
and binding the cream pages, that swallowed me 
in it's thrilling story.
I don't know if anyone has heard of it. I am proud to reccomend it. 
Bought new, published not long ago. 
My sleek, hardcover book. 

It could also be a  classic discovered at my grandma's house. 
A tired paperback, one that I could fit in my pocket. 
Its faded yellow pages
used to be white.
entertaining those before me. 
It's a classic, I am proud to said to have read it. 
My classic, old book. 
Jan 21
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This Is What Life Is For

For the first time, I was beginning to understand what life is all about. Learning, wanting, and striving. Life is to work for what you want. Complete education to then go into a further education to decide your future. Life is about growing and learning. Its about making mistakes and learning from them. Life is about being determined to get where you want to get. Being yourself, doing what you love, and becoming the best you that you can be. Creating a future and for some having a family, home, and job. I understand that life is for us to make our best, for us to learn who we are, and to be our strongest no matter what.
Jan 19

this doesnt have a name yet.

(this is like a poem/rant I wasn't fully sure how to label it) 

Does my affection affect you 
in a negative manner 
does my love hit you like bullets? 
because they will hit harder
do my word offend you?
threaten your life
does the gender of my love intriest
bring you this strife 
how, what on earth makes you think
in what mind?!
that me loving another
is not being kind 
what person so flawed in their thoughts and morals 
led you to fight these pointless quarrels 
because love is love 
no matter face, body, or name
we are all living this
hectic people loving game 
all that we have is compassion for another 
so please please please 
stop hurting each other 
stop killing your sisters and brothers and others 
i beg you to find
some sort of respect inside 
I didn't hurt you 
Didn't call you names
Jan 01

Happy new year! :)

Lately, it feels like time has left me behind. A finals week apparently doesn't feel like finals without the exchange of small gifts and warm words between stressed teenagers, and Christmas doesn't feel Christmas-y without the being a tad more than fashionably late to an obligatory family get together at Mà's house where we smile and get presents that will be returned the next week. 

This winter break, like the majority of the year, has been different. Not necessarily good different or bad different but like many things, a healthy mixture of both. I can't hate 2020, and I won't hate 2020. Because, though bitter, quarantine gave me YWP. It gave me a better sense of self, and it gave me many realizations that, though many led to more journeys than actual ends, was more satisfying than anything I had found before.

Generated Story

This is a generated story from storymatic. I chose four things, the dark orange (top two) describe the plot. The yellow (bottoms two) describe the main character. Will write a story based on this, a short one. This can be used a start for others too!! Wish me luck! :)
Dec 21

Writing Comes To Me

Every word, every phrase, 
Every comment, every praise
Every single quiet trace of my pen.
Letters bleed out, arranging themselves on the page,
My mind has left with it.
Writing comes to me.

A tin of pencils, tips so dull
Sit across the table, growing full
Memories crack, left to mull over 
The goals I have achieved,
People say it’s the writer I am and the writer I’ll be.
I say writing comes to me. 

Dec 10
Morgan D's picture

Nothing lasts forever

The chirp of a bird. The chaos of getting ready for school while your family also is getting ready. The weird good/sad feeling after you finish your favorite series on netflix. These are all things that will never last forever. The last thing that you want to do is stay stuck on one memory that you regret. Time doesn’t stop moving so neither should you. The funny thing about life is that you want to be grown up when you're a child but when you're an adult the thing you long for is your youth. Time is an ongoing thing that will probably never stop so you have to move along with it. 
Dec 04
rant 0 comments challenge: Blue


Blue is supposed to be a cool tone, calming to the eyes, the eclipse of calm and devastated.

Blue leaks into me, paints my life a monochrome cycle, if you could even call it a cycle. 

blue is that feeling, where you don't know whether you are going to cry for sadness or tears of joy. Blue is when you fall asleep because you are exhausted or because you are mopey. 

blue is middlecase letters.
Nov 29
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The Room Change

The bedroom, where you spend a little more than a quarter of the day. It is where you can feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable. But what if you could change it. What if you could make a five star hotel room, or a castle, or a spot in the clouds, or would you not change it at all. If I was given the chance to change my room I wouldn’t change much. Currently my room is a room with gray walls and a bed in the middle with a tv stand and a dresser. First off I would change the wall color. I would change it to a dark blue, I would do that because it is my favorite color and it would represent the ocean. The ocean is one of my favorite spots because it shows chaos and peace. The next thing I would change would be the furniture. I would sleep on a bed of clouds and have the floor feel like the beach on a sunny winter day. I would also make it so that my room would never become cold. I personally hate the winter and the cold it brings with it. The next thing is the way things are organized.
Nov 20
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Till The End

We all strive to be something or someone. We work hard and do our best to get somewhere that we might not even get to. We try to be the person our parents want us to be. Someone our friends want us be, and sometimes we can be the person we want to be. We live up to our parents expectations until are 18 and sometimes older, and if we don't then we turn to be disappointing. We should be able to live our lives the way we want to make them. Make mistakes and learn from them, and learn how to do things on our own. Children and teens today depend on their parents for everything and they just become not the nicest people (sometimes they turn to a Karan haha.) All I'm saying is its our life, our body, and our future so we should be the way that we want to be even with a guide from the parents and a little help if its needed. We should be ourselves. Till the end.
Nov 18

What About the Bible?

Your religion is not an excuse to hate other people.
Your religion is not an excuse to be homophobic.
Your religion is not an excuse to be racist.
Your religion is not an excuse to be misogynistic.
Your religion is not an excuse to be transphobic.
Your religion is not an excuse to be an u.tter twat.
You use your religion and quote single scriptures, and pick and choose specific words. I can quote them in return, ones you call outdated and ridiculous or simply ignore completely.

Love thy neighbour
1 John 4:20-21 - "If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?"
Leviticus 19:18 - "Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I [am] the LORD."