Nov 21
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Oh My Beautiful Nuts

"Oh I just love nuts! "MMMMM, except I can't find them. I guess I'll go up this tree and look for them. Nope not here, okay jump to this branch, nope." Five hours later..." Oh why, oh why can't I find my beautiful nuts!"  "Wait a minute, ohhhhhh, wait, wait... "Ha found them! Oh I found my nuts! I found my nuts! Oh my beautiful nuts..." "Mmmm, they seem a bit rotten. Oh no no no no no no no no no no no." These aren't my nuts!!!!! Why can't these be my nuts! Why why why why why!
Nov 20

That's It For Me

If there's one thing I've learned over this last year it's that all we have is right now and we should appreciate the love we're shown today by our loved ones because there's no promise that love will be there tomorrow no matter what words are said in the past, or even the present. In this chaotic and depraved world there really are no guarantees. This is gonna seem cliché but never take this life for granted.. human beings are a ridiculous animal.
Nov 20


i've been told numerous amounts of times about my un-extraordinary abilties. such as write five page essays in less than a singular hour, or stay awake for several days straight, without blinking, i swear that's true. i wonder how many other people pocess the exact skills i do, few i assume. if i'm so un-extraordinary why can't your sons, daughters, sibllings, friends, co-workers, etc. do the same things i do? i'm not patronizing you, i swear; nor am i calling you out.
Nov 19

"Can I have a Question?"

I wonder why so many Americans make grammatical mistakes in spoken and written English. Some of improper grammar became an acceptable and overwhelmingly popular, such as the notorious short cuts: “4 sale”, or “I need 2 do it”.
Nov 17
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Like a Scab on your Knee

Emotional pain is kind of like a scab on your knee~~
You sit on your bed in the dim light of your desk lamp, picking at your knee.
You rupture the scab, and it starts to bleed. For the life of you, you can't make it stop.
It eventually stops on its own, and as you look down, you realize the wound is smaller than when you first received it.
Nov 17


Who gives you the right to judge people?

Nov 17
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Worst haircut

On my eleventh birthday and I really wanted a hair cut  so i take the scisors and i start cutting my hair chunck by chunk. When I'm done i take a mirror and look at my hair and i just scream and start shouting at my self saying "WHY DID I DO THAT?!  I JUST SHOULD HAVE LET THE PRO'S DO IT. MY HAIR LOOKS SO STUPID NOW." and so i told my dad and he started yelling and then we were both yelling and so i had to get it fixed the next day by the professionals. 
Nov 15
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It is unlikely that you are alone in any of your experiences or embarrassing memories. However, that doesn’t mean that we are all the same. Perhaps, a near death experience. We all might have one, but I doubt they will all be the same. Everyone should have a near-death experience at least once in their life, for inevitable reasons.
Nov 13


The first needle prick. 
Lying there,
seeing his eyes search mine for the very first time.
¨I should probably go.¨
¨Not yet,¨ he said. 
So, I stayed. 
The first heat wave, 
rushing all through me. 
The first time I felt I knew you,
or knew you better than the others.

The first line.
In your car, 
singing along to whatever throwback song had come on the radio at 11 pm on a miscellaneous Tuesday.
Looking over at you,

Nov 11

you destroy my morals

Before you read this, I would like to say that I wrote this during a very fast thought stream and it is very rough and could be a little hard to follow.

Why can't I be myself around you?

Whenever you start talking, my ideas shut down and I get tongue-tied.

You are the cat who has caught my tongue.
Nov 09

Soiled Appreciation

I finished writing this at 11:30pm last night. Looking over it again, I fixed some blatant errors, but it's still a bit rough. Anyway, it's certainly a rant!

My friend and I were almost to her house,
walking on the sidewalk along the edge of the neighborhood.
A couple kids 
Come flying by on bikes.
I was probably thinking something
along the lines of
Hey, I remember doing that

Then one of the boys 
Nov 09

I wonder about...

I wonder why I wonder.
Wonder is a feasible thing.
It can happen anytime, anywhere.
You can wonder about physically anything.

I wonder about plants.
I wonder about the sun.
I wonder about my family.
I wonder about my cat.
I wonder about trees.
I wonder about the galaxy.
I wonder about this poem.
I wonder about my home.
I wonder about my school.
I wonder about my test I have tomorrow.
I wonder about food.
Nov 09

My Experience With Sexual Assault

“Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.” Definition of sexual assault of the Department of Justice
Nov 09
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Why Are Stars Here?

I wonder how are stars made? If they are really people that have just died looking over us? If they are really just the logical explanation? Well, I'll tell you what I think, I think that they are ghost, spirits, or maybe even demons that are trying to find their home searching and looking for their loved ones and a home, drifting further and further away. The beaming ones are starting to realize that they will never find home, that for the rest of their other worldly lives stuck there.
Nov 09
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Life Is Short Enjoy It

I feel like I still have so much time but death is inevitable. There isn’t too much that I really want to plan on doing before dying. I feel as if a bucket list is for people that are afraid of death, in my eyes why would you be afraid of something you can’t get away from no matter how hard you try? I think people should get rid of their bucket lists and start living life in the moment instead of planning on trying that new food or going skydiving or whatever it may be.
Nov 07

should be

"be yourself"
i did.
writing is supposed to be wild
       writing should be the wind that 
tangles my hair
     it should be the leaves that get caught 
behind my ears
     and the grass stains on my knees.
i should be tangled in my writing and stumble
over my own thought.
   i should steer my writing 
  where believe it should go.
 hold it's hand gently and let it 
bring me to the destination for those
Nov 07
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Buzzed, Busted, Broke

Don’t drive while wasted or otherwise impaired. This is a great life lesson. If you drive while drinking you might get caught or total your car. If you get caught, your ticket will be way bigger than your alcohol bill ever was.
Nov 05

Writing prompt for the people who don't know what to write about.

A boy runs across a street, oblivious to the honking of car horns and the blaring of streetlights. He ducks behind corners, cuts across alleyways, and never stops running until he reaches his destination. Many people give him angry looks, but he throws them off without a thought. Soon he reaches the end of his run. He steps into a small apartment and closes the door behind him. He sprints up the stairs to his room and grabs a piece of paper. The he starts to write something in quick, urgent tones, as if rushed. 
"7 pm. tonight. You know where."
Then he grabs it, folds it up, and throws it out the window. It floats to the ground, and lands right in a gutter, untouched by anything, until a black-gloved hand picks it up.

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Nov 01

My recent revelation

    Recently I have learned that emotions are a weak insignificant part of the human process. Recently I have decided to be devoid of emotions throughout the day and to just carry on without them. Life without emotions is neither good, nor bad, but just is. And I have become much more efficient in my needs and abilities. I am able to focus my mind in ways I never have been able to before. I may not be happy, but I am not sad either.
Nov 01
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I am Color Blind

If I couldn’t see a color it would have to be pink. The reason that I picked the color pink is because I do not like the color pink. People say if you are a girl you like pink, and that’s a lie; not all girls like pink. I feel bad for the girls that grow up thinking if they are a girl they have to like and wear the color pink. Also when there is a special event, they expect you to wear pink if you are a girl. Pink this and pink that. I say no thank you. I do not like the color pink!