Apr 12
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Melli looked around at the noiseless room. People were laughing and shouting, but the only thing she heard was silence. This is how she was born. In a world full of color and noise, she had none of it. People had tried describing color to her before, but she couldn't grasp it. She got up, tking one last look around the room before walking outside. She popped some gum out of her pocket. Extra spicy cinnamon. Her sense of taste was diminished as well, although she could taste extreme flavors. Leaning against a wall, she surveyed the street, looking around at the houses surrounding the party. She knew she should go back in there, but writing everything down was just too tiring. For her and for everyone else. She had been the maid of honor at her sister wedding, but had taken the dress off hours ago. Looking at her watch, she could just wake out the numbers 11:56. She sighed  noiselessly and sank down to the asphalt. She started drifting off. Her dreams were filled with people shouting at her, too quickly for her to read their lips. Pulsing lights were making her head hurt, and even though she couldn't speak her throat felt like she had rubbed sandpaper all over it. She felt someone shaking her, and gasped awake. A boy was standing over her. someone she hadn't met before. That was normal. When her family had realized that she couldn't see or hear color, they stopped bringing people over. The boy knelt down. "Are you ok?" Melli shot straight up. Taking out her paper and pen from her back pocket, she quickly scribbled something down. say that again. 
"Um..." The boy hesitated, but it was all Melli needed. She jumped up, joyous. She ran into the party, and was met with complete silence. She rushed outside. The boy was still there. 
"You ok?" He asked again, more causal this time.
Still scribbling, Melli answered with a short I'm fine. 
"So... do you have a name?"
I do. Doesn't everyone?
"Oh. Yeah, I guess. Mine's Jocab."
Ok then. Melli looked around. No one was there. The boys eyes filled with tears.
"You don't want to talk to me."
I do... I just can't. Melli grabbed his hand and it passed right through him. 
His eyes overflowed. "I'm really, really sorry." He grabed her and pulled her into a shadow. She felt something on her back ripping, and her skin tearing. Her heart started beating double time. She grabbed at her back, and felt wings spreading outwards. She felt her teeth elongating, and looked at the boy. His face was mirroring her distress. "I'm really sorry, I am." She stared at him. He was turning into a devilish being, with hellish red eyes and giant black bat wings. His canines were almost as long as his pinky. He grabbed her other hand, and she ripped both of them away. She was spat out into the real world again, in a place she had never been to. Her body was back to normal. Years later, she would see the boy again. After that, she would see him a couple times a year. He seemed to grow in tandem to her. She never walked over to him, and although he looked at her like his heart was breaking, he never tried to go over to her, either. THey had nothing to say to each other.
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