Jun 11
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People of The Future

Dear People of The Future,
boy I hope our world has changed since the year 2018. People are making some pretty stupid mistakes here in America. Instead of highlighting the many (MANY) bad things about our world today, I would like to focus on the good stuff. Women's, Human's and Science's marches are blooming. GO HUMANITY! Donuts. Pie. Chocolate. A green field on a beautiful day. The feeling of getting to relax by lounging on your couch and watching Youtube (a site that people can upload videos on) while drinking a mug of hot tea. Crying in a friend's arms. Cuddling your pets. Pretty much anything involving food. Watching a child grow up. Knitting a blanket for someone in need. Charity. Picking up trash on the highway. Love. Friendship. Happiness. A meadow of blooming flowers. Green-Up day. A sunset hike. I would love to tell you the many (MANY) more good things about the world today, but I have order a pair of shoes. Ha. Betch don't even have shoes in your time. Maybe you have personilized hovercrafts.  Well. Catch U latr. ;