Sep 18
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A Day

A Day
OWW my head

September 10th 2018. Today is a bad(terrible)day. I’ve got so much stress for what I got on today’s test, homework to do and now this? I picked it up, What is this?

“Sorry, can you throw that frisbee over here,Please!”

Argh seriously this day couldn’t have been worst, “Catch it!” Oh wow I should join the freebie tournament.

“Thank you!”

Well at least the kids happy. “What is a L.E.A.F in language arts?” Leaf in language arts is a helpful way to write a short paragraph response. Right? I think I got it correct, only the teacher knows.



“Stand right there, I'll take a picture of you”

What are they talking about? The little autumn breeze hit(slap)me with colorful five shaped leafs, remaining goosebumps all over my body. I look up… I’m shocked(speechless) the sky looks like a mixed rainbow, but the only colors are pink, purple, and blue. I'm a little greedy,I wanna have a closer look. Oh, great there's a dock. But I can’t see, these people are blocking my image(view). Get out of my way! Phew Finally, I can see. What if I fall in the water? I need to take my step very carefully(cautiously). I’ll sit right here. The view gives me a feeling(sensation) of being very calm. I take a long deep breath from the clean water below.

How did I do today? What were my emotions today? How did I react to my teacher when she said, “Your SRI is not above your grade level”? What did she thought when I showed a very mean expression? What can I do to improve?

My backpack's very heavy, wait,I’ve been carrying my backpack almost the whole day and now I’m realizing this?

It’s A Beautiful Life my ringtone, sister is calling, “Hello?”

“Monkey,where are you? Mom is freaking out?”

“I’m coming”. I should head home now. This place gave calm( peaceful)moment to rethink my actions today. I truly thank this dock.

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