Sep 28
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Weekly Writing Challenge-Week 3

My sister is very quiet at school. At home she talks a lot. She has long, straight, dirty blonde hair. She has steely blue eyes that sometimes turns grey. She has our fathers nose and she has little to no freckles. At home she is not afraid to voice her opinion or yell. She yells a lot in fact. She gets very irritated at my younger brother or at anybody if they don’t do what she asks, (or demands if you ask me). Out in public she never talks unless it’s to her family or one of my best friends. She never yells at public places but she loves to annoy me by following me around and getting in my personal space. She loves to annoy everyone she knows and are close to her. Like Lilly, or my brother or grandfather. She likes to do things by herself but wants someone around her in every room. She likes almost everything I like, though she doesn’t like most vegetables. When she was younger she used to throw loud tantrums over every little thing. Now she knows how to get people to do things for her. She likes to bribe our brother. He’s like her little minion. My sister can be kind when she wants to but she can also be super mean. She hates interacting with humans that she doesn’t know very well but loves to play with animals. She’s a cat lover, if you couldn’t tell. My sister loves wearing dark clothing and having dark and having dark bedding. She’s a scaredy cat though and she hates the dark. Or afraid of it anyways because she likes the color black. She’s very clingy and gets mad easily. That’s why we call her a storm cloud. We love her and she loves us. I can’t believe she’s in junior high. In the same building as me. Time flies.

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