Oct 26
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To the White House

To the White House, 

I hope, for the sake of our country, and the world, that anyone who doesn't believe in climate change is removed from a place of power.

Climate change is real, it is here, proven by science, and it is not going to go away. If you do not believe the science, you should not be in any place of power. The USA is one of the only countries that is still not taking decisive actions to stop climate change, and of these countries we emit by far the most CO2.

I could talk about how climate change is such a huge problem for a very long time, but for the interest of time I will keep it short. If you, the government, do not take action soon it will be too late. Your hands will be full dealing with the havoc climate change will wreck on our country and the world. You can expect rising seas and temperatures to displace millions of people and destroy billions of dollars of infrastructure. There will be worse, more frequent storms and hurricanes. The hurricanes will also be able to make it farther north, affecting more of the country. This is only some of the many things that will happen if climate change is not dealt with soon.

I hope that by this point that you have at least considered the fact that climate change is real, not a lie made up by scientists or Democrats. If you have not, you can stop reading. In my opinion if you are running for office, or are already in office there are a slew of things you can do to stop climate change. From making sure people know what it is, to funding research into renewable energy. The most important thing is is that you do something, stop being afraid of it, and help stop it.

Yours truly,

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