Oct 29
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My face burns, like my freckles are trying to sear themselves off of my tear-streaked face. My body tries to make sense of the news I've just heard, because me mind is hasn't even attempted to fathom the pain it will cause me. I ease my body onto the dock, moving slowly so that my mind can comprehend what has happened. My bare feet skim the surface of the still, dark water, bringing to life tiny ripples that fade across the lake. The chill of the water tugs on my feet, crawls up my legs, across my back and chest, circling my neck like the stone solid grip of my unaccepted pain, and up to my face, where the heat of my agony warms the chill into water that begins to leak out the sides of my eyes. I bow my head, the weight of these god awful tears tugging my chin to rest on my chest. I hear a footstep, so I turn, and see a silhouette on the end of the dock. I stand up, and walk away.

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