Oct 30
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Halloween The Book

It was a dark and cold night in October. I was walking down a moonlight path With My Three Friends And Out Came A Enormous Pumpkin With Grassy Legs From The Bushes! It Swallowed Up My Friend And We Dashed Away Screaming.”Help! Help!” We Cried. But Help Never Came. We Saw A Strange Demon Lady Take A Screaming Child Into Her House,With Red Skin And Eight Jaggedly Cut Praying Mantis Claws,We Had No Delusions About Saving The Child.”No!” I Screamed With Tears Clogging My Vision As The Demon Shredded The Child To Pieces.But I Couldn't Help,For We Had Our Own Problems. “Ah!”My Friend Said.”Its Gaining On Us”! He Said,As The Pumpkin Was Nipping His Heels.Houses Blazing By As We Run At Top Speed.”What In God’s Green Earth Is That!” I Said Watching As A Cult Of Little Children In Masks Stab A Guy On The Street With Knives.”How Did I Not Notice This Stuff Earlier”! I Said Turning My Head Towards My Friend.But He Was Not There.I Turned Around And Gasped In Horror At The Hand Coming Out Of The Pumpkin Monster’s Mouth. I Dashed Away As Far As I Could,Running Into A Abandoned Carnival Nearby. I Gasped As I Was Surrounded By Faceless,Broken Mannequins.I Was Falling...With Way Was Up? The Darkness,Surrounds..Me…..I Wake Up. “What A Bizarre Dream”,I Said. I Looked Around My Room And Said “But It Was So Real”! Then I Watched In Horror As A Claw Reached Around My Bed…

 The End…? =) I Will Always Be Watching...

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