Oct 30
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My Definition Of Love

Love is the bond between two or more people. It keeps them together when times are tough. When someone loves someone, they except and like them for who they are. They would do anything for them. When someone loves a person they put their needs after their loved ones.

    When I think of love I think of my family and all the happy times we have. Like times where we all laugh really hard at something or going swimming on a sunny day. I wouldn’t doubt that we love each other. We’ve been through a lot of rough times and so far it seems like there are no ends, but so far through all of it we’ve found joy and stuck together.

    My parents would fight about things but they never got really mad at each other. They would talk it out. If me or my siblings did something bad my parents would scold us, say that they’re mad, but remind us that they love us. We love them back. When we annoy my mother she usually says, it’s a good thing I love you all. They never show bias towards one child. They love us equally and we love them equally.

    Another thing I think about when I hear love is the band The Beatles. I think about their song All You Need Is Love and the two Jackie DeShannon songs, What The World Needs Now and Put A Little Love In Your Heart. Mmm, and chocolate.

    All of this is the definition of love to me and, maybe, other people too.