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It had been a long time, but now he is here. He enlisted himself to the army when he was 18 if there was a draft. When he was 21 went into the United States Air Force after Pearl Harbor. He was the one who pushed the button that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. Soon after he pushed that same button on the same B-52 bomber which blew up Nagasaki. Before he had to leave, he was about to get his diploma on Nuclear Physics. He was inspired by Albert Einstein. Einstein built one of the first nuclear reactors to create electricity. But the army decided to take his wonderful invention to make bombs. He found out that when you split the uranium atom it produces heat. But if you do that with vast amounts atoms it creates the atomic bomb.

    I knew that he would feel guilty when he dropped the bomb to make Japan surrender. There were innocent people living in those cities. I wanted him to come back. He got enlisted for 4 years. It has been 3, but it has felt like a century. He was going to come back in 11 months. He tries to send letters when ever he can. When he does his writing sounds like a bird singing on a beautiful morning. I have already lost my parents in a car accident, I can’t now lose my brother.

    A month later I found out that the war had ended. I was so relieved. He said in a letter that he sent that he wanted to visit our cousins in France. He hadn’t seen them since he was so little.

He sent another letter when he was in France saying that the journey was great and he was having a great time. The next letter was sent from my cousin. Saying the tragic news about what happened a few nights before. The news I would rather wish I didn’t know. He had gotten killed on the way to the airport. I knew he was still going to come back, well at least his soul.

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