Nov 02
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The  main reason why the girl was standing on the dock is her dad was in the hospital and she got news that her dad wasn't going to make it that's why she needs some alone time on the  dock and her grandma is also in the hospital. For the grandma it doesn't sound so good for her also. And she needs some alone time on the dock and her dad is also in for a risky surgery that he could die and there is a fifty percent chance he will make it   so they have to wait in the hospital for that to have the surgery done and to see if the dad survives the surgery and if he doesn't that's bad news for the family and the grandma just got out of the hospital and she's fine and the dad is still in surgery and turns out he did make it so he's okay and the grandma also did fine and there both okay and the girl feels better thanks to the doctor the brother is also in the hospital thanks to a car crash so he's not going to come out till three weeks and everybody is out of the hospital for his  family instead of him and it's been three weeks now surgery starts today for him . The type of surgery he's having is open heart surgery . what is going on in the girls mind is she is going thru a lot since her dad is going thru surgery at this time and she was told that her dad might not make it. If he were to make the doctor said he will not live that long . or the doctor said he would die a peaceful death .
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