Nov 27
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The Beach Shop

The sun was shining over the sea of Palm Springs, California. I live in a cabin by the sea.  My name is Livian. I am a 25 years old. I like to read. My hair is brown, with bright green eyes, and a nice smile. I love to go to the park.  

I work at a shop called The Beach Shop. I sell Coconut water, Sparkling water, and Tropical water. I sell grapes, papaya, mango, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, peaches, bananas and cherries. My daily special is called the Fruity Tuity. It is a berry salad. The Fruity Tuity is made out  of raspberries, strawberries, cherries, and mango. With a small coating of sugar.  I invented the Tropical water. It contains coconut and pineapple juice.

The next day, I opened up my shop. I flipped the closed sign to the open sign.  A little bit later, my three co-workers arrived. Maya, the person who takes orders, Andy, the guy who helps make the food with me, and Maria, the person who checks people in and out. Maya has blonde hair, brown eyes, and chubby cheeks, and she loves to go golfing with Andy, Maria and I. Maria has curly red hair, blue- green eyes, and loves to swim. Andy has choppy dark brown hair, with blue eyes, and he loves riddles. “Hi.” I said to Maria, as she walked past me. “Good morning. Did you see the sunrise this morning?”  She asked me. “Yeah. It was so beautiful.” I replied. “I liked it to.” She told me. “Good luck. Today we are going to be busy. I have a bunch of people coming in today. My family is coming from Alabama. They heard of the Tropical water;” I said. “Um, from the shop of course. Not the ocean water.” I quickly added. “Okay.” Maria said. “We should probably start work. Bye!” I said. “Yeah.” Maria took her place behind the register and started working on powering up the register.

Then I decided to go check on Andy. “Hi Andy. How are the Fruity Tuity’s coming along?” “Oh, they’re great. But the shop is running low on sugar.” Andy said. “Oh, we can fix that very quickly. I’ll order some more tonight.” I told him. “Great!” Andy exclaimed. “Bye. I am going to go to see Maya.” “Okay then. Bye.” Andy said, smiling. I left the kitchen, then entering the dining area. “Hi Maya.” I said as I walked up to table 4, where she was cleaning the table. “Hi. ” Maya said. “Hi. How's it going?” I asked her. “Oh, it’s good. I’m just cleaning the leftover sugar from yesterday's Fruity Tuity’s.” Maya said. “Okay, well, I need to go make another big batch of the Tropical Juice.” “Oh. Bye then!” I left the dining room.

A couple hours later, my mom and dad, and my two sisters, Carian and Luna came. They walked up to the register, where Maria stood.

“Hello, you can go sit down at table five.” Marai told them. “Okay.” My mom said.

As soon as Maya saw them walk in, and heard Maria tell them they could take a seat at table five, she walked over to them. “Hello today. What can I get you four?” Maya asked them. “I would like a glass of the Tropical water and the Fruity Tuity salad please.” My mom ordered. “So do I.” My father said. “I would just like the Fruity Tuity salad.” Carian ordered. “I would like a bowl of sugar coated raspberries and strawberries.” Luna ordered. “A lot or just a little?” Maya asked Luna. “Just a little.” “Oh, I’ll go tell Andy.” Maria said. “Have a good day.” Luna told her. “I will.” Maria replied. Ding dong. The doorbell went. Penelope, one of the customers was here. Penelope had pure black hair, deep blue eyes, and always has bright pink lipstick on. Penelope walked up to Maria. “Hello. You may go sit at table 7.” Maria told her. “Okay.” Penelope spun around, causing her hair to go right into Marias mouth. But Maria didn’t say anything. She just spit the hair out and frowned. “What a deva.” She mumbled underneath her breath. Then Maya walked over to table 7.” “Hello, Penelope, what may I get you?” Maya asked Penelope. “May I please have a glass of Tropical water and a side of raspberries, mango, and papaya in one bowl, with no sugar coating.” Penelope said. “Okay, I will go tell Andy and Livian.

After Maya went and told Andy and Livian what Penelope ordered, Maya noticed the sun pouring in, right in Luna’s eyes. “Oh, um, do you want me to shut the blinds?” Maya asked. “Yes please. But just half way. “Okay.” Maria shut the blinds, and the day was soon over.

The day ended, and I went home exhausted. Though I made it just in time to sit on the beach and watch the sun go down completely. I got home really late because there were many bowls and dishes to be cleaned, so I got home at 11:58 P.M. Then I went inside and put on my pajamas. I walked down the very narrow hallway into the kitchen. I lit a candle on the dining table and made a small lettuce and tomato salad. After that, I picked up the candle by the bottom part and carried it to my bedroom. I set the candle down on my night stand and blew the candle out. I pulled the sheets and comforters up to my chin, closed my eyes and fell asleep.
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