Dec 04

Mistakes Made Here

This was my mistake...
I was your safe place, you came to me to feel happy.
I abused that power and attacked you.
That's why you look at me and don't smile,
You look at me and your eyes have that spark, that spark of love.

However, your emotions are conflicted.
You're stubborn, 
And that might be why when we spoke,
I could hear the hurt in your voice. 
See the love you once had, drip from your hands.

All that's dripping are my tears.
Why should I cry if I did this?
Why should I feel like my world is losing its light?
Maybe because you have become it.

The power is out and it's dark without you. 
It's selfish for me to care
when I messed up, it seemed I didn't care. 

You held me once like you would never let go,
I looked in your eyes and I could see the stares.
You would see a girl you had no chance with,
But then that all changed, because I was the jerk.

I stole what little heart everyone thought you lost,
And I made it love...
Then not meaning to, I drilled into it and made it bleed.

Though all either of us want is to make it stop.
Fix its self, heal. 

I promise I won't hurt you, 
I told you I still care and I still want you. 
So hopefully you can hear me through all the fog,
and all the bridges burned,
Even though you don't want to...
Your eyes say you do. 

So I'll hold onto my hope, 
And dream of holding you close again. 
Because of my new love for you.