Dec 04

speaking with the future

If I were to write a letter to me in ten years
I'd apologize 
"I'm sorry I stopped you from doing what you wanted to do most."
Yeah, afraid to join those clubs at school because I was afraid I'd look dumb in them.
Mhm, worried that those older kids would frown upon your new face in their classroom.
So scared that your hands would tremble upon thinking of school sports and activities.
I'd apologize
"I'm sorry I put you down about who you are."
Made you look down at yourself for being something no one else wanted to be.
Put you in your room to cry alone because your grades weren't the perfection you wanted them to be.
Let you see the parts of the world that you shouldn't have had to witness.
I'd apologize
"I'm sorry I didn't let you feel what being beautiful felt like."
Set you in front of the mirror for hours just to let you tear at your confidence.
Grabbed the bottles of makeup to cover up your imperfections. 
Mess with your hair until all there was was a portrait of chaos and anger staring back at you.
I apologize.