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Queen Weinberg

By. Cally 
  • Dedicated to my queen: Mrs. Weinberg!!!

Queen Weinberg

We were at school and Ms. Weinberg came into the classroom wearing a crown and a cape, or at least she calls it her magical sidekick. Whenever we were bad she would remind us that her cape likes to lock little kids that don’t behave in a metallic cage. So, for the most part, we were a pretty quiet class (For now). We were on our way to music and a man tackled queen Weinberg, her spirit rose off the ground, picked the man up and kicked him in the butt all the way to Antarctica. She was getting ready to run 100 laps around the gym  1,000 times. I usually enjoy watching ms. weinberg run like an animal but not this time at all, she chucked her Chromebook onto the floor, F.Y.I the Chromebook shattered. The next day I was walking home and I saw Mrs. Weinberg speeding in her invisible jet as she still manages to drink her 8:00 coffee and not spill it all over her prom dress and not to mention her crown and cape. What really scared me though was the matter of fact that she was screaming the lyrics of look what you made me do by Taylor Swift.

When I got to school a police officer asked me if I had seen a lady riding in an invisible rocket thingy ma jig, I did not want to break queen Weinberg's cover so I just said that I had seen the lady and I said the lady's name was Wrecking Ball Smith. The real innocent wrecking
ball Smith put me in court so by now I guess you could say that I was about fully traumatized, because if that is what you guessed then you guessed right baby. As you may know, I am terrified of what my mom will do to me if she found out what I have done because she is the president of the united states and she used to own her own state that was named after her. My mom was a supervillain and as you well know what they do to super villains, they turn them into a very nicely formed statue of liberty.

P.S there is 3 major statue of liberties:

Maleficent, Jafar, and my mom the evil queen of centopia, a very cruel environment!!! Do not mess with my mom, she is nuts when she does not get her own way.  AUTHORS NOTE!!!

MY name is Callyn but everyone calls me Cally!!! I am 11 and this is based on my old second-grade teacher, Mrs. Weinberg. Thank you, Mrs. Weinberg, for the inspiration, you have amazed me with your ideas. do not try this at home, please and thank you!!!

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