Dec 24

Chamomile Tea and Honey

The hot water pours into the mug
The steam rises onto my skin making it damp and warm.
A chamomile tea bag is dropped into my cup
Its tiny leaves trapped in the bag
Lets out its flavor, turning the water to a peaceful gold.
I take a sip, burning my lips,
The taste is a disappointing dull on my tongue.
It missing something,
Something sweet and savory,
And I know what it is
That sticky sweetness is all I need.
My cool silver spoon hits the glass,
And swirls the contents around.
The smell of honey fills the air around me
Making me smile a little,
Remembering past experiences with this sweet sauce,
The happy moments with honey and tea,
Or rather you and me.
I sip again
This time an outburst of flavor fills my mouth
And warming me down to my stomach.
The taste of honey lingers on my lips
An ingredient to the tea I’ve made,
Chamomile tea with honey.