Jan 07
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How Odd

I walk up to her, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Isn’t that an odd name? I have always wondered why she is called that but I’ve never had the guts to ask. She seems to know it’s weird too, but she doesn’t seem to care. I am now standing next to her. She is staring off into space and doesn’t seem to notice that I am there. How odd. After about thirty seconds of just standing there I clear my throat softly. She looks up suddenly -seemingly surprised that I am there.

“Oh, hi” She says in a friendly tone.

“Hi” I say back. I feel stupid, but I need to ask for help even though it is just some simple math homework. “Could I have some help with the math homework?” I ask.

“Of course” she responds not seeming to judge me for not understanding.

“So do you wanna meet after school?”


“Do you wanna come go to my house or yours?”

“Up to you”

“Okay we can go to mine then. Just a warning we don’t have good snacks”

“That’s fine I have a bag of chips in my backpack. We can share it.”

“Cool thanks see you later” I walk away wondering how she can be so calm on everything. She is never mad or overly excited. She just goes with everything that is thrown at her. My last thought before I hop on the bus is, “odd, how very odd.”