Jan 23


A moment, one that you cant get back. One that you don't mind that you can't get back. One that you get to replay over and over. One that you don't mind replaying. One that accentuates his eyes even more every time you see it. The way his eyes held this beauty. The reflection of everything around captured in the dark screen The earth tones that mixed together; creating. No matter how hard you try the memory sits there. At the front of your memories. A filter through your brain, everything you see becomes that moment. A smile in a corridor aimed for you brings you back. Back to the way he looked at you. The way his eyes captured you, reflected off that dark screen. The shiver that runs up your body when a shadow in a window looks like him. The outline of his face caught in your own reflection. The way your brain snaps back to that moment when someone says the words, ‘popcorn’. The way your hand finds your hair, just like it did in that moment. Shielding you, or exposing you. Which is it? Which do you want it to be? That moment sits on the top of your mind until it drives you crazy. Until no matter what happens you think about a missed opportunity. Coming up with excuses to go buy, ‘popcorn’, until it just gets silly. Your breath catches when you hear that word. The nickname you gave him. A word that describes him and the aurora that he gives off. The word that sums up the power of those eyes. The confident boost that shoots through your veins. Powering you up. That pit in the bottom of your stomach--forcing the truth down until you can no longer stand it. The rise in temperature you feel within as that moment crosses your mind. The one you can't take back. That one moment.