Feb 01
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My Childhood Friend

I had a best friend when I was 5-11. He was the only other person I didn't want to punch in the mouthother than my parents. We lived 2 houses away from eachother. We did almost everything together but he was 2 years older than me. I may have been dumb but I still helped him with girl advice (I'm hoping he never reads this). He didn't ever want to go to college but.....he is the smartest person I have ever met. He knows he isn't smart in acedemics. but he knew strange things that made his so smart that I thought he could make it into Yale. We talked about everything from Music,Movies, Aweful teachers, Cursive. I had the best days of my young life being a kid but then a knock on the door and there he was! But one day he went to high school and I never got a knock on the door. I saw him sometimes cause my mother worked at the high school or I saw him at a store. We never truly had a comversation ever again

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