Feb 01
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Creepy Carnival

     Something is sparkling. I stop. I’ve always seen this sign on my way home from school, but today it is different. It has been washed and is sparkling. It’s as if it is calling me, “come, come” I look past the sign but there is nothing there- as usual. Suddenly the sun hits a part of the sign and I notice some smaller text in the corner of the sign. “Look behind you” I decide to oblige just for my own amusement. All I see is a worn down shack- but wait that wasn’t there before! I look back at the sign- an add for a carnival that I’ve never even taken a second glance at until today. I walk towards the shack cautiously- you never know who or what might be lurking there. I push the broken door away and I see a woman dressed as a fortune teller.

     “Welcome to the Carnival please come in” she says in a low, haunting voice.

     “No thanks” I say stepping back

     “Come” she says. I scream as the floor gives out from underneath me.