Feb 06

Delirious Rain (Worship the Rain Part 2)

I pull on a warm sweater
And soft, flannel pants.
Running downstairs,
I pull on my brown leather boots
And creak open the metal door
And dash outside,
Slipping a little on the cold stone steps.
It's pouring rain outside,
But it doesn't feel bad.
I splash around the yard,
Feeling delirious.
The light from the house is glowing,
Framing the whole white, familiar, building.
A tall pine tree towers from behind,
Protecting us.
Huge puddles from where there used to be ice are lying around,
And I gleefully splash water on my clothes and boots.
I turn my face up to the heavens,
Water pelts on my glasses, agreeing with me.
When I run inside, I kick off my boots
And grab a cupcake from the platter my mom is frosting.
I shove the whole thing in my mouth happily,
Then run upstairs,
Wiping frosting off my lip,
Water dripping down my back.
In my room,
Everything is warm and comforting.
I can barely see through my glasses,
There's so much water on them.
I am