Feb 20

Those who don't feel belonging

A lacking universe in which I drown, and so I carry out my frown. 
And run far from this town. Choices and feeling going unannounced. 
Laughing in a situation may have seen me actually breaking. I don't know what seems to be true- but I carry myself along through. Through the broken shards of glass, I smile as I bleed out from my past. The people who pick me up, only I must fly on my own amok. 
To stay where I was in my own safety I break my comfort for none to save me. These hands I have to sculpt my own- I hold my tongue from here I zone.
I can't keep running into tiring situations, where when I felt happy was just a violation. We're trying to ease the pain is to be weak. I guess Strong just gained too much meaning.

About the Author: Jay.marie
~ Jay Lyric