Feb 20

That Feeling When...

What do you call that feeling when...
When you know it's goodbye
Know it's time to leave.

What do you do when you can tell it's not what they want,
What you want?

How do you let it all go?
You know if you don't it will hurt you more.
Mostly because it'd be you getting hurt.

Then again, think, but all that joy...
All that happiness,
Oh wait, there's that friend of yours.

She's on your side... but she's better.
You're dumb sometimes even stupid.
Most people don't notice because they focus on themselves.
Yet this guy notices.

Isn't that good though?
He sees you...
No, he's annoyed with you.

Open your eyes,
See the truth.
Understand he's not there, not anymore.
Maybe not ever but don't think like that.

 Anyways... Goodnight?
(The conversation has died)
Sure :)
Sweet dreams, love you.


(Oh no)