Feb 21

survival guide

you learn to read between the lines,
never take anything at face value
the ability to pick safety out of a crowd
you learn how to find the truth
because the lies can only fool you once

your edge
because if you can make them feel even
a fraction of what they make you feel
then maybe they'll leave you alone,
maybe they'll go easy on you

you have to learn when to be quiet
because your thoughts are dangerous,
your ideas threatening
because you have to pick between
being truthful and being safe

how to blend into a crowd
how to survive the day undetected
they can do you no harm
if they can never find you
you give up parts of yourself
for permission to exist

and through it all you learn
how to find each other
and how to care for each other
because the world is scary and
sometimes all we have is each other
the world will never protect us so
we have to be there for each other