Feb 26

March Wonders

We are loving all the incredible writing, photos, and art in this issue! We are constantly amazed by the talent on youngwriterproject.org. There are some great pieces of writing that explore societal issues and demonstrate the importance of having more compassion and understanding for one another. These writers are standing up for what matters. The creativity is on a whole new level with unique topics and outstanding artwork that truly make The Voice a fantastic collection of work.

Shout out to Katelyn Brown for the cover image, "Night Sky," along with Trinity DeMasi's "Midnight Mountains" on the opposite page, and other great pieces from the students of Danville School that are featured throughout this issue. Special shout out to Danville art teacher Abigail Bartell, abartell, for submitting the students' art to YWP! 

We look forward to the next issue for more out of this world work! 

-Shannon and The Voice Editing Team