Mar 10
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where have you gone

Just after the sun came up
dew still fresh on the plants sitting on the terrace,
you would open your eyes and you would smile.
You would reach up for me,
sleep lingering in your eyes.
We would walk to the kitchen,
I would put you in your chair. 
You would babble to me of your dreams
as I fixed you breakfast.
Your sister would run into the kitchen, 
her curls bouncing
and she would climb up and kiss you a hundred times.
I would watch, thanking my lucky stars. 
But now is different.
Oh, how I miss you, 
I miss the way you loved the snow, a true Vermont baby we would say.
I miss you holding my face with your itty-bitty fingers,
staring into my eyes.
I miss your sweet laugh, deep in your belly,
as your Dad ticked your feet.
Your sister misses you, 
she misses you more than anything.
We miss how you would crawl around the living room grinning, 
stealing everyone's attention.
My beautiful, precious, giggly baby.
Where have you gone?