Mar 12
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Part of Me

Kaylee. My best friend in the whole world. I can't think of a time when I didn't see her by my side. To everyone else, she's imaginary, to me she's as real as it gets. Everything about her is better than I could imagine. "But an imaginary friend is what you imagine," you might say. But Kaylee is not. I did not make up the fact that she is scared to go on the swings when it is recess. I didn't make up her liking for the stems of the broccoli or chunky peanut butter. That's just who she is, and she sticks right along side me. Her personality changes or develops whenever mine changes or develops. When I discovered that History was my least favorite subject, Kaylee found out that she wishes she could learn about the US Presidents all day long. Whenever I realize I am too shy to go up and talk to the new girl at school, Kaylee pushes me to go and start up a conversation because of her outgoing personality. We are complete opposites. Everything I don't do or don't like, Kaylee will make up for it. I won't eat the top part of the muffins, but there Kaylee is, right along side me drooling at the sight of them. Now of course she can't eat them, so I eat them for her. She lives through me in a way. So I guess you could say my imaginary friend completes me.
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