Mar 13
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Emerald Ash Borer Invasion and how and why we need to fight it

       In Vermont we have about five percent of our trees are ash trees but there are tiny bugs, called the Emerald Ash borer that are wreaking havoc on trees nation wide and we need to stop it. The Emerald Ash Borer is taking some of the nations most beautiful forests and destroying a good portion of their Ash trees. But if it weren’t for my science class I don't think that I would even know that it exists. I think that people need to be more aware of the emerald ash borer because it will have a significant effect on the wild life, the people and other invasive species.
       Imagine over time you lost five percent of your house over time. Wouldn’t that be shocking. That could be one of your walls all of the sudden your more exposed to the elements. This would have an even greater effect on the animals because trees can also be a food source for them. If we let the Emerald Ash borer go unchecked then that could happen in exactly the same way. It could take out food and shelter for the many species here in Vermont disrupting our natural ecosystems that I know we work hard to preserve.
       One of the reasons I’ve heard to keep our state’s eco system so clean is so that it’s always beautiful and to that we can make money from our booming leaf industry in the fall. Ash trees turn a beautiful yellow complementing the oranges, reds, and purples that already exist in our forests but without that it would give fall an artificial feeling, because despite the fact that we might not know it I think that having a mellow base of yellow keeps our falls organic and peaceful.
       Finally if we assume that with the introduction of the Emerald Ash Borer our trees are doomed  and do nothing then it will happen over and over again. Instead I think that there should be hope. In every article I have read it has seemed very bad and there hasn’t been any hope in them. I think that we should approach this task with hope. I know it may seem daunting but there are methods in place to kill the pests. There are Purple traps that are used to get them. These traps are clearly, purple, they are sticky, and the emit the scent of a sick Ash Tree which just pulls in the Emerald Ash Borers by the dozens. There is another way to get them that doesn’t require much effort, if you are going camping burn where you buy. It prevents the spread of the Ash borers and other invasive insects that feast on trees.
In conclusion the lack of attention to these insects wide spread and needs to change. There needs to be more attention brought to these trees because while it may be oh so simple to just grab some wood from your wood pile at home before you go camping in New York  you may be unwittingly killing another state's ash trees which, sense the bug is native to Asia our trees have no defenses against these killers and over the years it will break down our trees and forests unless we take action now. If we don’t it will affect our wildlife, our economy, and the awareness of the public so that this doesn’t happen with other invasive species that would come into Vermont.  

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