Mar 15
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Research Can Solve the Emerald Ash Borer Problem

A small beetle has been decimating ash trees across America. This small bug is causing 99.7 percent of ash trees to die, but by putting money into researching more about the emerald ash borer situation, scientists could solve the problem of how to stop the beetle.

The emerald ash borer beetle came to america by shipments from Japan and since then has infested much of the US. Finding non harmful pesticides is one way to cure the emerald ash borer. By doing research to find pesticides that are harmful to the emerald ash borer bugs but not to the ash trees, humans and nature. “All of the systemic insecticides used to control EAB will impact other species of insects that feed on treated ash trees.” Michigan State University, this shows that without non harmful pesticides many things like animals that rely on the ash trees could be hurt by the pesticides unless scientists find pesticides that will not harm anything but the emerald ash borer beetle “Pesticides that don't stay in the environment long are usually less harmful than those that stay in the soil, water, or air for a long time,” with  according to Pennsylvania State University.

What people can also do to prevent the emerald ash borer is to learn about the emerald ash borer and scientists could also teach people how to recognize the Emerald Ash Borer to solve it before the beetle kills the rest of the 50 percent of of the ash trees in the US,  By doing research scientists and other people can learn more about the emerald ash borer problem and how to detect the emerald ash borer sooner and then we will be able to solve it sooner. Many sites have also been set up online so people can go and learn how to detects the signs of the emerald ash borer before most of the ash trees in the us are lost to the beetle.

Some people argue that research may not solve the emerald ash borer because it will take to much time to research the emerald ash borer. By the time scientists find a pesticide that does not kill nature and hurts humans, and by the time scientists teach the majority of the United States know enough about the emerald ash borer to detect it, it will be too late to save most of the trees from the beetle. Although it will take some time to research and teach people about the emerald ash borer, it will be worth it because people need to stop spraying pesticides.   

By researching the emerald ash borer, scientists and other people can learn more about the emerald ash borer and stop it sooner. Scientists  can create a pesticide for the emerald ash borer bug that is non harmful pesticide for humans and the environment.


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