Mar 19
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The day I dye my Hair

I am getting ready, to do something I never thought I would have the courage for. I get to the hairdresser. I am picking my color. I am so nervous, I shakily point towards the purple hair color and get ready to dye my hair. The lady asks me a few clarifying questions and made sure I wanted to do this. Rarely do I step out of my comfort zone to something new and exciting. The lady deliberately places way too much on my hair. How did she not see on her hands that it was orange and not purple?Maybe she was anxiously waiting to dye my hair. Not only did she put way too much in but it was not the color I chose. Somebody must have accidentally changed the bottle from the orange to the purple. What a conundrum. I now have orange hair. I mean I guess I always could shave my hair, or re-dye it to a new color. I do not know what I will do. Wigs are always a good option.

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