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The Goliath

A boy named Slick with his three sisters and single father lived in Ireland. Slick spent most of his time at a lake near his house. He would fish, skip stones, and go swimming in his shorts. Slick lived in a town called Paddle, sometimes he would meet a wise man named Jok. Jok would tell him stories about his past, but today he was going to tell Slick his prophecy. The prophecy was that Slick would have to kill a fish the size of a whale, with the teeth of a shark. Jok said the fish was called the Goliath. Slick was scared, but then he realized that if he killed the fish he would have enough food to feed his whole family for years. Jok had made a fishing rod that was very special. It could lure any fish to hook on, and it wouldn’t let them go. Slick took this rod to his shack that he had made at the lake. Then he went back home to tell his family about his prophecy. His youngest sister Coral was amazed, but his other two sisters didn’t believe him. Coral really wanted to go with Slick, so she asked their father if she could go. The father's name was Allen, he thought Slick was acting foolish and he wasn’t allowed to go to the lake anymore. Slick was disappointed his family didn’t believe him, but he knew he had to kill this fish. That night he decided he was going to sneak out of the house. As he was walking to the door he heard someone behind him in the kitchen, his heart was starting to race. Then the lights turned on it was Coral, she knew where he was going. Slick knew he wouldn’t be able to get Coral to stay, so he let her come. As they were walking through the woods in the dark, Coral asked Slick, “what's the plan?”. Slick said, “wait for the fish to bite”. He didn’t really have plan, he just knew had to get that fish. When they got to the shack, Slick pulled out a box of matches so he could look at the rod. It was sparkly blue, and the hook was big enough to be used as a grappling hook. Slick thought it would be a good idea to sleep tell the morning before he began fishing with Coral. He had no clue what would be coming the next day. They left the wooden shack and began to walk towards the shore. As a few hours went by Coral had caught two fishes, and Slick had caught nothing with the special fishing rod. Slick started debating if Jok did lie to him, and if he should go home. He trusted Jok and he knew he wouldn’t lie to him. He decided he wouldn’t stop until he would find the Goliath. He was so determined he spent the whole day fishing. Coral left a little a while ago with five fish, and Slick still had none. It started to become dark again, and he started to lose his drive to keep going. Until he saw something in the middle of the lake. He saw parts of its body shining in the moonlight, weaving in and out of the water. It became apparent to him that this could be it. He started casting the fishing rod, trying to get the strong but light string as far into the lake as he possibly could. Then he felt a strong tug on the fishing line, he was worried he would get pulled in. The string slowly start to get eaten by the water, the spool on the fishing rod was spinning so fast he couldn’t tell how much fishing line he had left. Slick began winding the handle so hard that he thought he would break it. The fishing rod began to look like it was glowing, he could see the blue from the rod shine off the water. This was his prophecy, and he knew that he had to get this fish. He kept winding and pulling on the rod, until he saw the Goliath float to the top of the water. Jok was right about its size and teeth, Slick could see it’s head bobbing up in down looking like it was dead. He kept reeling it, and eventually Slick could see the giant monster on the shore. It’s eyes were icey white, and had so many scales you couldn’t count them. Slick was so surprised and shocked by this experience that he didn’t know what to do. It was pitch black out, and he could only see the shiny fish laying in the sand. Slick felt accomplished because he got to finish his prophecy, and could show his family that he wasn’t crazy. He was very tired from all this, so he slept in the shack. The next morning he went to the house. He knew Allen would be upset at him, but he was excited that he could prove his father wrong. Slick convinced his family and Jok to go down to the lake, and they were shocked by the fish. His family was proud of Slick, and Jok was as well. They decided it would be best to share the Goliath with whole town. Everyone in the town got a ton of meat to eat, and Slick was the town hero of Paddle. His prophecy was over, so he could go on with his life. The End.
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