Mar 26
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Yellow Giraffe!

My friends have been talking me up a lot lately, they want me to get my hair dyed. I’ve always wanted to do it but I've never had the confidence. I think I want to dye it totally neon yellow. Most kids at school know we as the quiet kid. So it’s probably gonna be pretty weird when they see me. I’m going to dye it after school later today. I’m gonna do it in my bathtub so I don’t get yellow dye everywhere. After I get home from school I head upstairs to wash and dry my hair. I get the tin foil and the yellow dye from my bathroom mirror. I rub the dye in and wait for half an hour. After I wash my hair, I rub the mist off of the mirror and realize that I’ve turned into a giraffe. I can’t believe the change and foolishly run out of the bathroom, I haven't realized how long my neck is and my head hits the top of the door while I’m running out of the bathroom. Apparently, my mom discovered a passed out giraffe lying in her bathroom and decided to call animal services. I was then transported to the local zoo. Luckily, I woke up and was able to still speak English. They let me go and I now live my life as a giraffe.
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