Mar 27
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The Dye That made my hair die

    It was that day, the day my life had went horribly wrong. That day, I had just came back from a chinese pawn shop, with some pink hair dye for myself. As soon as I got home, I hopped in the bathroom and put on the dye. The bottle stated, read the instructions really carefully, but I thought that reading them was a waste of time and not important. Later that day, after I had put on the pink hair dye, I noticed bits of my hair were falling off, not really caring that much, I continued watching tv, but as the hours pass, more and more kept falling off. There I decided I was gonna go to the bathroom mirror to see what was going on, as I walk into the bathroom, I look in the mirror, and notice i'm bald. Wondering what had happened to my hair I think back to when I put on the hair dye, I go grab the hair dye bottle and peal off the label, there was a second label that said hair removal cream.
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