Mar 27
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Prophecy true or not

Hey the names Emily Garmadon but you can call me Em. So yeah I um I was told about this prophecy that I have and I don’t believe it and in that “ prophecy” I am the one to save Ninjago city and I just don’t believe it. And why would I believe something that probably isn’t true. And this oracle thing told me and I just don’t believe them. And why should I any way my brother won’t thank me because his is always mad at me for what I do. And I hope it’s not him I have to save.

“ Em, Em, EM. Oh there you are we need you Lloyd’s been possessed by this person named Morro.”

“ Wait what. No no no no no no no this can’t be happening. What are we going to do kai? What are we going to do?”

“ I don’t know but we need your help.”

“ Okay I will help but not for that long.”

“ Thanks Em.”

“ Yeah Yeah whatever.”

Like I already said I won’t help them save Lloyd okay and if I do Lloyd will probably be mad at me for saving him. He is always mad at me. The first time he was mad at me was when I told him that we were siblings. The second time was at the tournament of elements and I was about to win then I got caught and I was put in a cage and I almost died. And the third time was… wait I don’t think there was a third time well not yet at least. But still this might even be the third time but who knows it might not but with my luck I just don’t kn…

“ I got her.”

“ good. Em can you do what I am about to tell you?”

“ yeah whatever.”

“ Okay good all we need you to do is to get this.”

“ Wait that’s the sword of destiny it helps you see what your opponent's next move and you can only get it in the sky kingdom and you can only go in to the sky kingdom every 10 hundred years and it is that time right now so I could go in but I need to learn airjitzu first.”

“ oh right here.”

“ thanks jay.”

After like I don’t know like a week we finally beatted Morro and saved ninjago and Lloyd wasn’t mad at me. Well and that’s the story of my prophecy that was half true and half not.