Apr 01
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Bad Hair Dye

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair a new, beautiful color. I think having just plain brown hair is boring.I like change and I think dying my hair could be super cool. So the next morning I woke up and went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. I decided, today will be the day that I finally dye my hair. I walk down the stairs and politely ask my mom

“Can we please go to the store and buy red hair dye, I know you don’t want me dying my hair but I’m old enough to do it by myself now, I’ll follow all the instructions and It’ll turn out gorgeous!”

    “Ok, we’ll leave in 10 minutes.” she says.

I am so surprised but to happy to question it. Once we get home from the store I go to my bathroom and put down a towel on the floor. I can’t stop dancing, I’ve been wanting to do this for so long! I pour the whole bottle on the top of my head then I sit on the sink. My mom walks in and screams “Ruby, what in the world did you do to your hair?!!!? That is not how you do it!”
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