Apr 05
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Awakening the...

I was walking down 8th Street when, all of a sudden, I saw a glowing light. As I got closer the light got brighter and brighter until I couldn’t look at it anymore. I found an old pair of sunglasses in my pocket so I used them to see.

    “AWAKEN ME!” yelled a voice coming from the glowing light. “AWAKEN ME OR ELSE YOU’LL REGRET IT!” the voice yelled again.

    “Who are you? And why should I free you?” I asked.

    “NOW!!!!” yelled the voice.

Then I saw a lever and if you know me, I love pushing buttons and levers. I was so tempted to push the lever. But when I did, there was huge explosion that blasted me away.

    “I’M FREE!” the voice happily said.

It was a man. He looked like one of those gods in those Percy Jackson books.

    “Thank you, young man,” he calmly said and then left, with no trace of him at all.

    “You’re welcome,” I said before he left. “You’re welcome.”

Chris Cueva
Killington, VT
Grade 5
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