14 years old


  • Ponderings

    I wonder what heaven looks like. I wonder this as an atheist. Is it space, sailing among stars? Is it merely a concept, eternally to be determined, determined by fate?

  • The Ballet

    The melody begins, softly and small,

    Rhythmic and sweetly it asks for a dance. 

    Gracefully she moves like leaves in the fall,

    Her passion is fueled by wild romance.

    The audience smiles for they do not know,

  • Hotel

    He watches 

    Is he caught in the rain or blinded by the floodlights? 

    The neon wires burn his gaze, spelling out hotel 

    The wind cuts through his trench coat, encasing his body and mind in an icy glaze,

  • Girl

    like a human, I take comfort in what I know best. 

    I'll hide in my favorite spaces, and worry about how I'll have to leave them. 

    I'm terrible at living in the moment, it seems like a task for future me.