18 years old


  • Love Is

    Love is a gas station chain in the Midwest. 

    Love is little girls with Mary Janes spreading kisses around the playground.  

    Love is little boys who claim to hate them.  


  • Changing of the Seasons

    The transition between seasons is a momentous change for some people, and just another day for others. Write a piece that represents what the changing of the Seasons means to you!

  • At The End

    At the end of the day it’s the one who knows which gas station beverage you want
    At the end of the day it’s the one who got you through your hardest classes, even when they weren’t taking it

  • Theology

    Religion is girlhood

    God is a teenage girl screaming the names of the people she used to love at the sky

    Worship is dancing and celebrating while still being upset

  • My Childhood Home

    My childhood home is filled with plants,

    plants that we never water

    but are somehow still alive.

    Its island is littered with junk mail,

    different types of olive oil,

    stray flakes of salt,