Best of Fall

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Winding road with autumn trees

Best of Fall


We know, we know! It's summer and we love it! Why think about fall? Well, here's a challenge from Vermont's weekly newspaper Seven Days: Describe fall in beautiful detail or explore the "back-to-school" experience – for publication in an upcoming issue. [Photo: "Autumn Road" by Marzapan, YWP]


  • Autumn Leaves

    I step outside,

    And look around.

    I see the autumn leaves.

    In hues of yellow,

    Red and brown.

    I see the autumn leaves.

    As I watch,

    Barely breathing,

    Autumn leaves 

    Fall from the trees.

  • Every

    Every step

    Is welcomed to the ground

    With crunching of brown leaves

    And gravel.


    Every breath

    Meets its owner